Driver runs over and drags protester for 100 meters in

A demonstrator was run over in the center of Recife at the end of the morning of this Saturday (02) during the act “Out, Bolsonaro”. The victim, who was not identified, was on the commission that guaranteed dialogue between drivers and protesters. A driver, who wanted to break the blockade, started the confusion, according to Leonardo França, who witnessed the scene: “He dragged, everyone asked to stop, but he didn’t stop. He ran over 100 meters with the girl hanging from the car. He braked, the girl fell and he went over”, he says.

Some protesters claim that the driver even pulled out a gun during the riot while the victim called for calm. The victim was injured in several parts of the body, including the head, but was rescued on the spot and sent to the Real Hospital Português.

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Source: BoF Pernambuco

Edition: Monyse Ravenna

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