Dossier against “Package of Poison” will be released this Saturday

This Saturday (25th) the “Dossier against the Poison and Life Package” is launched, which addresses the maneuvers of the National Congress to approve Bill 6,299, better known as the “Poison Package”, which is still pending in the Chamber of Deputies.

The dossier, published for the first time in July 2018 by the Brazilian Association of Public Health (ABRASCO) and by the Brazilian Association of Agroecology (ABA), also defends the Bill that institutes the National Policy for the Reduction of Pesticides (PNARA) . In this edition, there is a collaborative effort by the publishers Expressão Popular, Hucitec, Abrasco and Rede Unida and the Permanent Campaign Against Pesticides and for Life, of the National Coordination of Agroecology (ANA), the Ibirapitanga Institute and the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (Fiocruz).

::’Poison package’ is already being applied before being voted, says RS deputy::

According to Wanderlei Pignati, doctor and researcher at the Center for Environmental Studies and Occupational Health (NEAST), at the Federal University of Mato Grosso (UFMT), who presents the publication, the “dossier expresses yet another important stimulus to defense movements of life and against the use and abuse of pesticides by ecocidal agribusiness”.

The publication “analyses and denounces the perverse proposals of agribusiness and agrochemical industries and their allies in the Executive and Legislative, in order to further increase the sale and use of pesticides, consequently increasing the intoxication of life (vegetable, animal and environmental ) in Brazilian territory”.

::Ruralista bench wants more poison on your plate: understand the Poison PL::

The dossier is also part of the “Campaign Semeando Saberes e Sabores”, which seeks to promote debate with society on issues related to the environmental crisis from the point of view of movements and organizations of the working class, with the proposition of effective measures in defense of the environment. environment.

The dossier is now available for pre-sale on the Editora Expressão Popular website. The launch will be at Armazém do Campo, in São Paulo, at 11:00 am, and will feature the participation of Thiago Mangini, from Expressão, Ademar Suptitz, from Rede Armazém do Campo, and a representation of the Campaign Against Pesticides.


Launch of the “Dossier against the Poison and Life Package” and the Sowing Knowledge and Flavors Campaign
Where: Armazém do Campo SP (Alameda Eduardo Prado, 499)
Date: Saturday, 25/09
Time: 11 am (Brasilia)

Edition: Vivian Virissimo

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