Documentary “SUS, in defense of life” participates in festival

The documentary SUS, in defense of life (Brazil, 2020, 18 minutes) will be screened at the 10th International Festival of Political Film, FICiP, on October 19, in Buenos Aires (in El Cultural San Martín, room 1, Sarmiento, 1551 ), at 9 pm.

Directed by Guilherme Castro, who also signs the script and production, the film portrays, from different characters and situations, the scope and importance of the Unified Health System (SUS) in the lives of all Brazilians and Brazilians.

::SUS will be put to the test with pent-up demand throughout the pandemic::

The documentary addresses the entire complexity of the largest public health system in the world: primary care, all transplant surgeries, the free ambulance service, vaccination and sanitary control are among the actions that affect the entire territory and the people Brazilian, despite the prevailing misinformation. SUS, in defense of life, was finalized in March 2020 for CEAP (Center for Education and People’s Advice), with the National Health Council, PAHO (Pan American Health Organization) and WHO (World Health Organization) .

“I’ve been making audiovisuals for over 30 years, this documentary, by all means, is one that gives me more reason to be pleased. It was a great opportunity to learn about the process, the concept of health and the scope to show the magnitude of the SUS. Being able to register in such a dynamic way, giving prominence to the community, both to those who work and those who are served by the system, was very gratifying. The film is even used in the training of health leaders and counselors in the municipalities”, says Guilherme.

The documentary team includes qualified and experienced professionals, such as Leco Petersen (photography and editing), Leonardo Peixoto (production direction), Andre Sittoni (direct sound and sound design), Guilherme Cássio and Rodrigo Ramos (direct sound), Richard Serraria and Angelo Primon (soundtrack), José Carlos Soares and Julio Morales (assistance), Luciano Do Monte Ribas (graphic design) and Guilherme Castro / GC Filmes Production (script, direction and production).

At this moment, Guilherme is finalizing an audiovisual on the pandemic, the SUS and democracy in Brazil.

::Government gave up having cheap and effective sensors for early detection of covid in SUS::

Guilherme Castro is a screenwriter, director and producer of films and audiovisuals: fiction and documentaries with social themes. His most recent work is the webseries “Travessia: Covid-19 and the popular social movements” (2021), where he documented the study carried out by the Centro de Educação e Assessoramento Popular (CEAP).

In 2020, he made the documentary “SUS, in defense of life”, for the National Health Council and CEAP, with PAHO and WHO. In 2019, he directed the web series for the successful campaign of the Front in Defense of Psychology, from CRP-RS. In 2018, it launched the feature-length documentary “Blow” and, in 2017, the documentary “Saúde”, also for the National Health Council and CEAP, with PAHO and WHO.

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Source: BdF Rio Grande do Sul

Edition: Katia Marko

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