Doctors from Ceará request the resignation of the entire direction of CFM for

Doctors from three different organizations from Ceará signed an open letter, last Tuesday night (28), asking for the resignation of the Federal Council of Medicine (CFM) board for endorsing the so-called “early treatment” against covid-19.

According to professionals, the Council’s stance in defense of “medical autonomy” represented omission and complicity in the face of drugs that were proven to be ineffective during the pandemic.

“The current CFM board has no other path than immediate resignation, out of respect for physicians, out of respect for Brazilians. If there is no resignation, society must find the legal paths for impediment or removal. There are no moral conditions for this. board continue,” the text says.

The letter is signed by members of the Brazilian Association of Female Doctors for Democracy in Ceará (ABMMD-CE), the Collective Rebento/Doctors in Defense of Life, Science and SUS, and the National Network of Female Doctors and Popular Doctors (RNMMP ).

Reactionism is in the past?

Ceará was the state that designed Mayra Pinheiro, the “Capitã Chloroquina”. She was elected president of the Doctors Union of Ceará on March 27, 2015.

Two years earlier, Pinheiro and dozens of colleagues had harassed Cuban doctors on their arrival at Fortaleza Airport (CE). According to a report from Folha de São Paulo, they were received under the cries of “slaves” by Brazilian professionals.

The Cubans were part of the Mais Médicos program, through a cooperation agreement between the governments of both countries. Professionals on the Caribbean island were called to work in municipalities where doctors were lacking. The deal was broken at the end of 2018, after the victory of Jair Bolsonaro (no party).

Despite episodes of medical reaction in the state, with national repercussions, the organizations that signed this week’s letter took a stand throughout the pandemic against Bolsonaro’s denial. Through official notes, they repudiated the president’s stance against social isolation and criticized his antivaccine statements.

The letter below was written in light of the scandal involving the company Prevent Senior, which came to light in the Parliamentary Inquiry Commission (CPI) of the Pandemic. Check it out in full:

“The CPI of the pandemic, the Prevent Senior case, the Federal Government, the nearly 600,000 deaths by Covid-19: for the immediate judicial determination of responsibilities! For the urgent punishment of the guilty! For the resignation or removal of the Board of CFM. For changes concrete actions in defense of life!

Complaints of corruption from medical companies, especially from health care service providers, including manipulation of medical records, false medical certificates and adulteration of hospital data platforms, in addition to fraud in bidding processes and many other actions brought to the public in the testimony to Pandemic CPI, in the Senate, have had a strong impact on society as a whole. A reality intensified by the testimony given this Tuesday, September 28, by lawyer Bruna Morato, representing fellow doctors who gave details and evidence about the appalling practices of the company Prevent Senior, in direct dialogue with the Federal Government, against public health.

The most recent accusations about the actions of this company are absolutely shocking: therapeutic experiments on human beings, without the knowledge and authorization of patients or their families and totally ignoring the legislation, scientific committees or inspection bodies, raised these crimes to seriousness and unprecedented levels in the medical history of our country. It is not by chance that many recalled in articles and posts, on the subject of the subject, moments among the most tragic and perverse in world history.

Several physicians were constrained and forced to prescribe unnecessary and dangerous medications, against their scientific convictions in affront to their convictions and conscience. All this in the name of supposed “medical autonomy”, contradictorily used to threaten patients and doctors at the same time, without these being defended by the entities that would be responsible for this.

All this filth results in inevitable developments in the image of the medical category and the Brazilian health system, especially private medicine. There is an absolute need to open police inquiries and legal proceedings to investigate such complaints. We are facing crimes against all humanity that demand exemplary punishment.

In this context, in Brazil in September 2021, the finding that “bolsonism”, denial and disrespect for the most basic principles of Medicine still find support in the medical category becomes increasingly serious. Despite everything we witnessed, despite our country reaching the mark of almost 600,000 deaths officially recorded by Covid-19 (mostly preventable deaths, as scientifically demonstrated).

The posture of many doctors, fueled by an irrational radicalization of a political-ideological nature, was added to the mercantile interest of corrupt and corrupting companies, creating and supporting the “early treatment” with the fallacious defense of medical autonomy, in a shameless manipulation of this concept.

To our shame and indignation, the Federal Council of Medicine (CFM) published a resolution in defense of this unethical “autonomy”. Thus, they fed and defended arguments to justify the use of drugs without efficacy, with important side effects and with great potential to stimulate risky behavior, endorsed every day in the speech of agents such as the President of the Republic and many of his followers.

The deafening silence of the CFM became even more serious and intolerable after the recent summons to the Council by the President of the Republic, in the middle of the opening of the 76th General Assembly of the United Nations. “Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have supported the physician’s autonomy in seeking early treatment, following the recommendation of our Federal Council of Medicine”, declared Bolsonaro. Thus, the CFM was directly and nominally involved in recommending procedures that it should have fought vehemently.

Most doctors strongly disagree with such a stance. Many, unfortunately, feel embarrassed to criticize the entity that we learned to respect in the many moments in which it defended the medical practice and the well-being of the population. It is regrettable that the board of CFM, allied to the Pocketnarist misgovernment, represents today a threat to the preservation of the integrity of the medical practice that it should defend. It is unacceptable that it is itself supporting the negationist narrative that sustains the Federal Government’s discourse and practices.

Thus, WE DEFEND and DEMAND that the responsibilities of medical entities, in particular the CFM, be duly investigated, urgently, for this regrettable scenario and for the insane policy of denial of federal misgovernment.

The Board of Directors, a federal autarchy, needs to be called to account for its actions, before the Justice and society as a whole. The population needs an answer regarding those responsible for such an omission and for an opinion that was used for so many practices against public health, in a country with so many fatal victims of Covid-19.

The current CFM board has no other path than immediate resignation, out of respect for doctors, out of respect for Brazilians. If there is no waiver, that the company find the legal paths for impediment or removal. There are no moral conditions for this board to continue.
WE ALSO CHARGE that these entities manifest themselves on the latest events determined by the CPI, such as the Prevent Senior case. And that they treat doctors and female doctors with respect and solidarity, as well as all health professionals, who have been so exposed and sacrificed. That they treat the population with dignity.

We remember and honor on this occasion all health professionals who had their lives cut short in the fight against the pandemic. We also express to bereaved families our regret and our deep respect for the irreparable losses suffered. For the immediate judicial determination of responsibilities! For the urgent punishment of the guilty! For the resignation or removal of the CFM Board of Directors. For concrete changes in defense of life!”

Edition: Anelize Moreira

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