Do you know the Food Guide for the Brazilian Population?

With the diversity of Brazil, it is common for people from different parts of the country to eat differently. Thus, the Food Guide for the Brazilian Population is a publication that addresses these particularities and can help in the search for healthy eating.

The document is in line with the nutritional recommendation of the World Health Organization (WHO), through the Global Strategy for the Promotion of Healthy Eating, Physical Activity and Health.

The guidelines aim to support food and nutrition education and subsidize national food and nutrition policies and programs. Schools, social organizations and the population in general can use the document, which is in simple language and is freely available in pdf.

The latest edition of the Food Guide for the Brazilian Population is from 2014 and serves as a reference for other countries.

Healthy eating on the BoF

Healthy eating is in the editorial line of Brasil de Fato, like podcasts real food and Agroecological Moment.

O real food is a quick, weekly chat, averaging two minutes in length, in which cooks pass on easy, accessible, and healthy recipes.

O Agroecological moment, in turn, lasts 4 minutes and includes interviews with farmers, researchers and consumers of agroecological products, portraying popular agroecology initiatives developed in different regions of the country and presenting the benefits of this practice in the lives of rural workers.

Healthy food in Brazil

In Brazil, popular rural movements focus on the argument that defending agroecology is defending life. The Landless Rural Workers Movement (MST), for example, is organized in 24 states in the five regions of the country and currently has around 350,000 families who conquered land through the struggle and organization of rural workers.

These workers are responsible for the production of healthy food without the use of pesticides that harm human health.

Furthermore, even after being settled, the families remain organized in the MST, as the conquest of land is only the first step towards the realization of the Popular Agrarian Reform.

click on the link to download the Food Guide for the Brazilian Population. Also check out our podcasts real food and Agroecological moment.

Edition: Daniel Lamir

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