Divergences cause further postponement of the reform vote

The parties that oppose the Bolsonaro government in the Chamber of Deputies decided to unite against the administrative reform, whose vote was postponed again on Tuesday (21). The block that has already anticipated rejection of the measure gathers the acronyms PT, PDT, PSB, Psol, PCdoB, Rede, Solidariedade and PV, which announced the decision at a press conference.

The eight subtitles stated that they closed the question on the Constitutional Amendment Proposal (PEC) 32/2020, which means that all members must vote against the agenda. In such cases, potential dissidents tend to receive penalties.

::”Administrative reform will destroy the Brazilian state”, say opposition deputies::

“With the parties closing the issue, they provide a clear demonstration that this text does not help the Brazilian public administration. It does not have a goal of services provided to the population”, points out deputy Alice Portugal (PCdoB-BA), from the coordination of the Mixed Parliamentary Front in Defense of Public Service.

Together, the legends account for 154 parliamentarians out of the 513 that make up the House. To receive approval from the plenary for the PEC, the government needs 308 supporters in two different rounds of voting.

“If they had votes, they would have already voted because, when they have votes, they don’t hesitate to impose [uma pauta] in an immediate, peremptory way and under the aegis of a regiment that is a summary rhythm on this plenary. The text does not please the opposition, the right or most of the center parties”, emphasizes Alice.

She announced a request to withdraw from the PEC agenda, which will be delivered this Tuesday to the representative of the Chamber, Arthur Lira (PP-AL). The opinion of the proposal’s rapporteur, Deputy Arthur Maia (DEM-BA), is still in the first round of voting, corresponding to the scrutiny of the special commission that evaluates the measure, and faces multilateral complaints, with emphasis on civil society.

The dissidence scenario prompted the postponement of the voting session that was scheduled for Tuesday morning. The new forecast for considering the report would be this Wednesday morning (22), but the announcement of a new postponement led to the projection of voting for the afternoon shift.

“This shows their difficulty and shows that there is no climate for this vote”, pointed out deputy Rogério Correia (PT-MG), member of the committee that discusses the PEC. “There is no climate or reason to vote on this administrative reform, which does not affect any privileges, makes the State more expensive, inefficient and persecutes public servants”, added the leader of the minority, Marcelo Freixo (PSB-RJ).

::Understand why PEC 32 can mean the end of public services to the population::


In a note published during a press conference, the opposition criticized different points of the PEC, among them the possibility of reducing workers’ salaries by up to 25% and the expansion of the modality of temporary hiring in the state machine.

More than that, the group questions the so-called “terms of cooperation” provided for in the proposal, which allow for an association between public agencies and private companies to offer services and share the physical and personal structure.

“It expands the possibility that workers are hired by a private company to provide public services, which can lead to a series of privatizations of services until then considered public, such as health and education, with drastic consequences for meeting social demands. It will mean the diversion of Fundeb and SUS resources to private companies”, points out the note.

The PEC rapporteur, Arthur Maia (DEM-BA), has not yet filed a new version of the opinion since Friday (17) and should engraft the text until this Wednesday (22).

Edition: Vinícius Segalla

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