Dilemmas of the Brazilian Society Course debates ideas for

The course Dilemmas da Sociedade Brasileira, which intends to debate proposals to overcome historical problems that affect the life of the Brazilian people, runs until November 17th. Free programming brings together leaders of popular movements, politicians and intellectuals.

According to Teresa Maia, one of the coordinators, there were more than two thousand people enrolled in the course. Although registration closed on September 20, the classes are broadcast on YouTube by the organizations that promote the meetings and, therefore, are open to the public.

:: Course with leaders of popular movements, politicians and intellectuals has open enrollment ::

The initiative comes from the Projeto Brasil Popular, the Florestan Fernandes National School, the Paulo Freire National School, the Tricontinental Institute and the Liberta Knowledge Institute. The course has nine weekly meetings, always at 7 pm and with a certificate issued at the end of the activities for those enrolled.

In Maia’s words, the course is managing to “build a collective interpretation of this crisis that Brazil has been going through and that affects the lives of the Brazilian people so much. We are living in a moment in which various economic, social, political and environmental crises are being combined, which has deepened a lot in recent years, the health crisis and also a crisis of values”.

:: The fight against famine is not new, nor is popular resistance ::

In this sense, the coordinator affirms that collective interpretations and solutions for this set of crises have been worked on based on some principles, such as solidarity, social justice, combating inequality, national and popular sovereignty.

“This course has the idea of ​​animating people for this debate on a national and popular project that is built by the Brazilian people and that the people transform Brazil into a better country for everyone. We know that this will only be done with a lot of struggle and joint reflection, bringing together all our ideas and strength to make this popular project possible.”

:: Bolsonarism has roots in a Brazil built outside the State, say researchers ::

Check out the meetings that have already taken place and those that are yet to take place:

September 22: Class 01 | Civilizing Crisis and Paradigms of the Popular Project for Brazil
With Pastor Henrique Vieira, Nalu Faria (MMM) and João Pedro Stédile (MST)

September 29: Class 02 | Common Goods, Environmental Crisis and Agrarian Question
With Mercedes Bustamante (UNB), Julianna Malerba (FASE) and Friar Sérgio Gorgen (MPA)

October 6th: Class 03 | The Future of Economy and Work
With Márcio Pochmann (UNICAMP) and Juliane Furno (LPJ)

October 13: Class 04 | Democracy and Popular Sovereignty: A State at the service of the people
With Margarida Salomão (Mayor of Juiz de Fora – PT), Carol Proner (UFRJ) and Flávio Jorge (CONEN)

October 20th: Class 05 | Anti-capitalist Struggles and People’s Rights: Gender, Ethnicities, Youth, Diversity
With Thays Carvalho (LPJ), Erivan Hilario (MST) and Laura Sito (PT-RS councilor)

October 27th: Class 06 | Sovereignty, Science and Health
With Newton Lima (UFSCar) (to be confirmed), Carlos Gadelha (FioCruz) (to be confirmed) and Elias Jabbour (UERJ)

November 3rd: Class 07 | Education and Culture
With Márcia Moura (UNB), Juca Ferreira and Julia Aguiar (UNE)

November 10th: Class 08 | Life in Brazilian Cities
With Ermínia Maricato (USP/BR Cidades), Edmilson Rodrigues (Mayor of Belém – PSOL) and Eliane Martins (MTD)

November 17: Class 09 | The Popular Project for Brazil
With Fernando Haddad (PT) (to be confirmed), Manuela D’Ávila (PCdoB) (to be confirmed), Olívia Carolino (Tricontinental), Juliano Medeiros (PSOL)

Edition: Vivian Virissimo

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