Did you fall into the fine mesh of the Internal Revenue Service? know what to do

The Internal Revenue Service disclosed, this Thursday (30), that 869,302 taxpayer declarations were withheld in the fine mesh of the Individual Income Tax (IRPF) 2021. The amount represents 2.4% of a total of 36,868,780 documents delivered , between March and September 2021.

And now?

For those who have the refund withheld, the Revenue now requests the verification and correction of pending issues with the tax authorities. According to the agency, it is possible to modify the data through the option of rectifying declaration, without the need to travel to one of the agency’s service stations.

In this option, the taxpayer must consult the statement of the statement on the page of the Internal Revenue Service, clicking on the menu “Where can I find it?”, in the option “DIRPF Statement (My Income Tax)”, using an access code or a Gov. br.

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If the declaration sent by the taxpayer is in fact in the fine mesh, a pending message will appear, with the necessary guidelines to correct any discrepancies.

If corrections are not made and the rectifying statement is not sent, the taxpayer will be formally notified and subject to tax assessment and fines. At this point, with the subpoena, it will no longer be possible to opt for the rectifying statement.

Why does a recipe fall into the fine mesh?

The main reasons for a declaration to fall into the fine mesh are the omission of income subject to annual adjustment, whether from holders or declared dependents; tax base deductions, such as medical expenses; and divergence in the amounts between what appears in the Withholding Income Tax Declaration (DIRF) and what was declared by the individual.

Of the 869,302 statements withheld, 41.4% are related to omission of income; 30.9% to deductions; 20% to divergences; and 7.7% for other reasons, such as divergence of information on payment of the lion’s card.

Edition: Daniel Lamir

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