Demonstration for “Fora Bolsonaro” takes place in at least 30

The demonstrations calling for “Out Bolsonaro” will take place this Saturday (2) in all regions of Brazil, in at least 206 cities, in addition to several cities abroad. In Rio Grande do Sul, events are scheduled in at least 30 cities. Check, at the end of this article, the list with the cities, places of concentration and time.

In Porto Alegre, the gathering of the demonstration will be at Largo Glênio Peres, in front of the Public Market, at 3:00 pm to depart on a walk through the streets of the city.

Brasil de Fato RS will network with independent vehicles and entities for live collective coverage of the acts in the state, during the morning and afternoon of next Saturday, through the Facebook page.

The Media Center of the Frentes Brasil Popular and Povo Sem Fedo are systematizing the guidelines of the national campaign Fora Bolsonaro. Regarding health safety instructions, it is requested that those present wear a mask (if possible, bring more than one) and alcohol gel.

:: Acts against Bolsonaro will bring together leaders of various parties next Saturday (2) ::

“Pressure to end this genocidal and criminal government”

The decision to carry out the demonstrations throughout the country on this October 2nd was taken at a meeting of the entities that make up the Coordination of the National Campaign Fora Bolsonaro, on September 10th.

On the occasion, the entities evaluated as positive the joint holding of the demonstrations of the Grito dos Excluídos on September 7, which denounced the escalation of coup by president Jair Bolsonaro (no party) and the connivance of the president of the Chamber of Deputies with the government.

According to the organizers, the new call is the “continuation of pressure for the end of this genocidal and criminal government, responsible for unemployment, hunger, inflation, poverty and the death of almost 600 thousand people”. The joint declaration of the entities can be accessed here.

List of cities and places of concentration in RS

Cheerful – Praça Nova – 9:30 am

Dawn – In front of Sima, Rua Wenceslau Fontoura nº 105 – 10h

Bagé – Bandstand Square – 2 pm

Cacequi – Getúlio Vargas Square – 3pm

South Waterfall – Lambert Square – 9:30 am

Caxias do Sul – Dante Square – 10:30 am

High Cross – Main Square – 9:30 am

Southern Crossroads – Central Square – 3pm

Erechim – Democratic Corner – 2pm

Gravataí – In front of RGE – 9:30 am

Ijuí – Republic Square – 3pm

Imbé – Giuseppe Garibaldi Bridge – 14h

Flagstone – Dick’s Park – 3pm

Osorio – In front of the Old Bus Station – 10 am

Palm Tree of the Missions – Alfredo Westphalen Square – 9 am

Deep step – Mother’s Square – 3pm

Pellets – Public Market – 10:30 am

Big River – Largo Dr. Pio – 10h

Santa Cruz do Sul – Flag Square – 3pm

Santa Maria – Locomotive Square – 2 pm

Saint Francis of Assisi – Independence Square – 2 pm

Sao Leopoldo – Immigrant Square – 10 am

São Luiz Gonzaga – Main Square – 10 am

Santana do Livramento – Democratic Corner – 10 am

Santiago – Democratic Corner – 2 pm

Saint Angelo – Cathedral – 9 am (Walk) – 11 am – Action at Praça do Brique

Towers – Square XV – 15h

Tramandaí – Giuseppe Garibaldi Bridge – 14h

Uruguayan – Old Railway Station – 2:30 pm

Venâncio Aires – Flag Square – 9 am

Source: BdF Rio Grande do Sul

Edition: Marcelo Ferreira

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