Delta variant cases rise and reach 387 in DF

The Health Department of the Federal District (SES-DF) updated this Monday (20), at a press conference, data on the advancement of the Delta variant of covid-19.

Altogether, 41 new cases were reported in the last seven days, totaling now 387 people with a positive diagnosis for this strain of the virus, which is much more transmissible than the other variants.

In the federal capital, so far, there have been 7 deaths caused by the mutation of Sars-Cov-2 originated in India. Of these cases, six are residents of the DF and one in Goiás. There was no record of new deaths in the last week. The deaths of residents of the DF occurred in Ceilândia (2), Guará (1), Santa Maria (2) and Taguatinga (1).

According to information from the Undersecretary of Health Care of SES-DF, the transmission rate of covid-19 in the DF is 1.04, which means that 100 people transmit to another 104, indicating a situation of expansion of contamination. The pandemic can only be considered controlled when this index is below 1 for at least a few weeks in a row.

The occupancy rate of beds in intensive care units (ICUs) exclusive to covid-19 is 62.39%, according to figures calculated on Monday morning by the Secretariat. The occupancy rate of pulmonary ventilatory support beds was 51.27%.

As for the general ICU beds in the country’s capital, yesterday morning, an occupancy rate of 93%. On average, according to health authorities, the waiting list for covid ICU beds had, on average, 6 patients waiting, with an average waiting time of 6 hours to be referred by the Regulatory Complex.

Until 17:00 on Monday, according to the epidemiological bulletin of the Health Department, the DF had a total of 486,686 confirmed cases of covid-19 since the beginning of the pandemic. Only in the previous 24 hours, 1,096 new cases were registered.

The total number of deaths reached 10,298 cases (2.1% of the total), with 14 deaths reported in the previous 24 hours. The average age of infected people in the DF is 39 years, ranging between 0 and 107 years, and the average age of deaths is 67 years, ranging from 0 to 104.

Source: Federal District BdF

Edition: Flávia Quirino

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