Criticized, fired and expelled: what happened in the life of Maurício Souza after homophobia

This Wednesday afternoon (27), Minas Tênis Clube announced the resignation of central Maurício Souza. The termination occurred after the athlete’s homophobic declarations. The club was waiting for the athlete to recant and make an immediate public statement, which happened, but with irony.

“I came here to apologize to everyone who was offended by my opinion, for standing up for what I believe. It was not my intention. Just as you defend what you believe, I also have the right to defend what I believe”, said the athlete this morning.

The club’s management, pressured by sponsors, fans and sports media, decided to fire Souza. On his social networks, on October 12, Souza criticized the announcement, made by DC Comics, that the new Superman, son of Clark Kent, will discover himself bisexual in the next editions of the comic book.

“Oh it’s just a drawing, it’s no big deal. Let’s see where we’re going to end up”, Souza published on her social media accounts. The publication was echoed by several pocketnaristas, among them, the president’s son, federal deputy Eduardo Bolsonaro (PSL-SP).

Among volleyball players, the statement was poorly received. The pointer of the Brazilian team, Douglas Souza, who is part of the LGBTQIA+ community, repudiated the statement. “Homophobia is a crime, not an opinion.”

Also on social media, volleyball athletes supported Douglas Souza and criticized Maurício Souza, such as Gabi Guimarães, Carol Gataz, Erika Coimbra, Fabi Alvim and Sheilla Castro. Continuous act, the sponsors of Minas Tênis Clubes pressured the entity to take actions against the central.

Gerdau, one of the companies that finances the team, demanded the resignation of Souza. “We understand the need to remove the content recently released by the athlete. Gerdau is awaiting the fulfillment of these initiatives. The company reinforces its commitment to diversity and inclusion, a non-negotiable value for the company and, furthermore, it rejects any kind of prejudiced and homophobic expression”, informed, in a statement, the company.

Maurício Souza with Jair Bolsonaro and Eduardo Bolsonaro, at a meeting at Palácio do Planalto / Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

live on Globo Network, former player Walter Casagrande was even more forceful in criticizing Maurício Souza.

“I’m not surprised, because this guy is homophobic, he’s a guy who was mean to me. Congratulations to all the athletes who positioned themselves. This guy, Mauricio Souza, is homophobic, prejudiced, possibly racist, cowardly and bad-tempered.”

The lime shovel came this afternoon. The coach of the Brazilian volleyball team, Renan dal Zotto, closed the team’s doors to Souza.

“I was disappointed. This type of conduct by Maurício is unacceptable and I am radically against any kind of prejudice, homophobia, racism. When it comes to the Brazilian team, there is no room for homophobic professionals. Above all I need to have a team and I can’t have this kind of controversy in the group.”

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