CPI report comes out until 10/10 and may reach the Court

When affirming that the closure of Covid’s Parliamentary Inquiry Commission (CPI) should not pass October 10, Senator Humberto Costa (PT-PE) said, in an exclusive interview broadcast live by Brazil in fact, that the investigation proves “that the federal government adopted a criminal strategy” in the fight against the pandemic.

With regard to the paths that the final report of the CPI must take to hold the federal government responsible for the sanitary catastrophe, Humberto Costa highlights four paths. “Our idea is that nobody in this process goes unpunished”, he says.

For the presidency of the Chamber of Deputies, what the CPI detected with regard to crimes of responsibility, committed against the Constitution and in violation of the right to life and health, will be sent.

“The report that speaks of common crimes, especially against the health of the population, disrespect for sanitary legislation and the spread of the epidemic, we will forward to the Public Ministry”, explains Costa, detailing that this document will include names such as Roberto Ferreira Dias ( former director of the Health Logistics Department of the Executive Secretariat of the Ministry of Health) and of Colonel Elcio Franco (executive secretary of the Ministry of Health during Pazzuelo’s administration).

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The document indicting President Bolsonaro for common crimes will be forwarded to the Attorney General’s Office (PGR). At the UN High Commission, the CPI also intends to open another representation against Bolsonaro.

“There is a debate about the commission of crimes against humanity and the possibility of genocide, which would lead to a process that could reach the Court in The Hague, in the Netherlands”, adds the senator.

According to Costa, the Bolsonaro government sought collective immunity from the transmission of the disease.

“Hence all kinds of crimes and mistaken actions, such as omission in tests, in vaccines, the delay in enabling people’s access to ICU beds, the vaccine itself, guidance for the use of drugs that have no efficacy against covid-19, as well as all the denial applied by the government,” he says. “When he finally decided to buy vaccines, he went after intermediaries in wrong processes from the point of view of legality”, completes the senator.

Asked about the opening of an impeachment against Bolsonaro, Costa believes that the Commission’s findings are important, but not decisive.

In his view, for this to be possible, the massification of street demonstrations would be necessary and, with that, the destabilization of what he considers a “solid majority” of the president’s supporters in the Chamber of Deputies.

Humberto Costa also talked about what he considers to have been the role of the CPI in the current context; some of the testimonies given to the commission that it considered “most nauseating” and the expectation with the result of the search and seizure operation at the company Necessidade Medimentos.

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Edition: Anelize Moreira

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