CPAC Brazil: event has dances, threat to the Supreme Court and kiss in

The Brazilian edition of the CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference), held at the Ulysses Guimarães Convention Center, in Brasília, on Friday (3) and Saturday (4), brought together a crowd of supporters of President Jair Bolsonaro (no party) . The meeting registered a series of curious moments. In front of an inflamed audience, the self-styled “largest conservative event” in the world, which brings together far-right leaders in several countries, sparked a series of memes and jokes on Twitter.

O Brazil in fact chose some of the videos published by users of the social network that show remarkable passages from CPAC Brasil 2021. Check it out:

Bolsonaro kisses Michelle to hit Maia

The president made a surprise appearance at CPAC Brasil late on Saturday (4). He countered an insinuation made by deputy Rodrigo Maia (non-RJ party) about his sexuality and denied being gay. To “prove,” he and Michelle kissed on the lips in front of the audience.

Donald Trump Jr. misses the event

Businessman Donald Trump Jr., son of the former president of the United States, was the main attraction at CPAC Brazil 2021. Despite this, he claimed problems with the flight and airports in his homeland to justify his absence. The result was a lecture via videoconference at the most noble moment of the event.

Onyx Lorenzi has audience recite hymn

The Minister of Labor and Social Security, Onyx Lorenzoni, delivered an exalted speech at the event. He focused his speech on attacks on former PT presidents Lula and the defense of the Bolsonaro government. In one of the moments, he made the audience repeat the chorus of the Independence Anthem.

Youtuber dances against Alexandre de Moraes

Youtuber Barbara Destefani, from the Te Atualizei channel, investigated in the investigation of the “fake news” at the STF he took the stage to sing and dance to a song that quotes minister Alexandre de Moraes.

Bolsonaro dances for the audience

The president even did a “little dance” with his fingers pointed to the sky while the audience shouted in chorus music sung by fans at sporting events: “I am Brazilian with great pride and great love.”

Audience “free homeland or die for Brazil”

During their participation as masters of ceremonies, the far-right activists of the Hipócritas channel, on YouTube, which makes “good-humored” videos on themes related to pocketbookism, led a chorus with verses from the Independence Anthem: “Or stay free. or die for Brazil”.

T-shirt exhibition at Sergio Camargo’s lecture

The president of Fundação Cultural Palmares, Sergio Camargo, took part in debates on the racial issue on the main stage of the event. He displayed t-shirts with the inscription “Conservative Blacks Matter” in a provocation to the movement “Black Lives Matter” (in Portuguese, “black lives matter”), who fights against police violence.

Guedes secretary gives motivational speech

The Economic Police secretary of the Ministry of Economy, Adolfo Sachsida, gave a lecture with an air of “coaching“, using motivational platitudes and catchphrases. Interrupted by enthusiastic applause and shouts, he made a radical defense of the Bolsonaro government and even defended a supposed “V-shaped economic recovery”.

Edition: Anelize Moreira

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