Covid-19 cases increase in DF schools and union charges

Teachers, public servants and students in the Federal District are impacted by the GDF’s determination to return to school. According to data collected from complaints from the school community and information from the Return to Classroom Monitoring Committee, created by the Education, Health and Culture Commission (CESC), 69 schools have already registered at least one case of covid-19 .

Information from the Federal District Teachers Union (Sinpro-DF) show that, in 16 days, the number of schools with confirmed cases of covid-19 increased by more than 335%.

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The entity’s director, Letícia Montandon, points out that since the beginning of the pandemic, the union has presented a “series of guidelines in defense of life”, such as remote education – which lasted almost a year and a half – and the vaccination of workers in education and the employment of 11,000 teachers on a temporary contract basis.

However, the leader points out that there are other essential issues that the GDF has not yet carried out. “One of those issues is mass testing. We need to adopt this practice in school units in order to be able to curb the escalation of confirmed cases of covid-19 in schools. What has been shown is that the GDF repeatedly tries to normalize a serious scenario,” said Montandon.

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The union entity also demands the publication of a specific health security protocol for education. In addition to transparency in the data presented. “Sinpro-DF has been requesting the detailed publication of covid-19 cases in schools, but so far there is no such information. Having access to this data is crucial for us to decide our actions and point out solutions for immediate or future problems”.

In the opinion of Paulo Vinícius, a physical education teacher at Ceilândia’s Secondary School No. 3, the government’s decision to resume classroom classes was not the right one. “The teachers were vaccinated, but the students were not. The right thing would be to come back after the students have been completely immunized”.

For him, the sanitary protocols and training received to work within schools are palliative against the virus. “Efficient, which would give more security, even emotional and psychological, is vaccination”, defends the educator.

Geysy Santos, the mother of a student, points out that going back to school brought apprehension, considering that “we are still going through the pandemic and that the numbers of the Federal District, regarding vaccination cases, are not enough to make us feel safe.”

She reports that she went to the Elementary Education Center 11, in Taguatinga, to check the structure of the school and “by seeing all the efforts of the school community” she felt safer. But he emphasizes that this is an exception “when we think of other schools in the region”.

“The GDF was a pioneer when it determined the closing of schools in March 2020, but it has not been able to maintain a greater sense of security for the population of the DF, as it has made the total opening of trade more flexible, in addition to the delay in general vaccination. I believe that a gradual return, as has been proposed, considering a harm reduction policy in the pandemic, which minimizes the psychological suffering generated in the period, added to prevention and mass vaccination strategies is what can guarantee a more effective return, even if take longer”, pointed out Geysy Santos.

Act against mandatory return to classes

This Friday morning (3), the Gama School Committee, an autonomous movement of teachers, families and students from DF schools, promoted an act in front of the Regional Coordination of Education of Gama (CRE) against the obligation to return to classes.

The Committee defends the right to choose remote teaching, immediate vaccination for all students and mass testing in schools and hiring more cleaning professionals.

“We come back [às aulas] no vaccine for students. In many schools, classrooms are not airy, they lack adequate masks. And now, a new determination by CRE do Gama tries to prevent parents from opting for remote learning”, wrote the Committee on social networks.

With an assembly scheduled for the 28th of this month, the direction of Sinpro-DF informed that the permanence in face-to-face or remote education will be defined by the category as a whole.

Source: Federal District BdF

Edition: Flávia Quirino

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