Cost of living: 87% of Brazilians perceive high prices,

A survey released this Monday (26) by PowerDate points out that 87% of Brazilians have noticed an increase in the cost of purchases and household bills. According to the survey, which carried out 2,500 interviews across the country, only 11% of the people interviewed considered that prices were the same, while 1% said they had decreased and another 1% said they did not know how to inform.

:: Higher food inflation and the commodification of human needs ::

The platform consulted Brazilians in 427 municipalities distributed among the 26 states and the Federal District (DF) and conducted the interviews between the 19th and 21st of July. The survey has a margin of error of two percentage points, which can be up or down.

According to PoderData, in September 2020, for example, 95% of people had noticed the increase in costs. The figure dropped to 90% in January of this year and, now, in July, it suffered a slight drop.


The publication of the research takes place in parallel with the increase in inflation projections for 2021, according to the Central Bank (BC). The entity points out that there was an increase from 6.31% to 6.56% in the market, being this the 16th sequential time in which the projections of the Broad National Consumer Price Index (IPCA) are expanded.

The IPCA is measured by the IBGE and measures the inflation of a series of products and services offered in retail and related to the personal consumption of Brazilian families with income from one to 40 minimum wages.

Edition: Vivian Virissimo

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