Congress of Colombia discusses relationship of politicians with

At the request of the opposition caucus, this Thursday (21), the Colombian Congress will debate the establishment of political control over public officials with companies in tax havens. The Pandora Papers journalistic investigation revealed the relationship of 588 Colombians with offshore companies, including Vice President Martha Lucía Ramírez, Minister of Transport, Ángela María Orozco, and the head of the Directorate of Taxes and National Customs (Dian), Lisandro Junco River.

The request for an agenda was signed by the subtitles Colombia Humana, Comunes and Aliança Verde, on October 5, shortly after the publication of the series of investigative reports.

The vice president, the minister of transport and the minister of finance were called to testify. The Attorney General of the Republic, Francisco Barbosa, must also attend the parliamentary session.

The opposition seeks to investigate whether the creation of companies abroad contributed to the tax evasion of public employees.

Deputies also want to receive details about the financial transactions of registered companies and the reasons for not investing the capital in their own country.

Martha Lucía Ramírez and her family members are partners in Global Securities Management Corporation in the British Virgin Islands. The company’s founder, Gustavo Hernández Frieri, was arrested in 2021 for laundering money that had been embezzled from the Venezuelan state-owned Petróleos de Venezuela SA (Pdvsa). The vice president said she cannot be implicated in the case as she sold her shares in 2018.

While minister Ángela María Orozco appears as a partner of the same corporation, but claims that she sold her share in 2012.

The director of DIAN, on the other hand, has active offshore companies in the United States, with an account at Citibank in Miami with around US$ 10 thousand (R$ 54 thousand). Riveira stated that the company was a family operation that did not materialize and that the company remains active as a form of savings for him and his wife.

* With information from Telesur.

Edition: Thales Schmidt

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