Congress evaluates in second (27) Bolsonaro veto the package

Deputies and senators will vote, next Monday (27), the vetoes of President Jair Bolsonaro (no party) to the proposal that provides for relief measures for family farmers affected by the pandemic. On the 17th, the head of the Executive vetoed the Bill (PL) 823/2021 in its entirety, also called the “Assis Carvalho 2 Bill”, authored by the PT bench, which had been approved by the Chamber and by the Senate.

The proposal established actions such as the release of an emergency support for the segment in the single amount of R$2,500, which could reach R$3,000 in the case of families led by women.

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The promotion could also jump to R$ 3,500, if workers had a project to implement cisterns or other technologies for accessing water. The policy’s objective is to stimulate the rural production of workers in the sector amid the damage caused by the health crisis, which drastically affected the economy.

The PL also provided, for example, that the Safra-Guarantee would be automatically released to all small farmers eligible to receive the benefit by December 31 of the next year, provided that an inspection report proving a loss of harvest was presented.

The text approved by Congress also included measures such as renegotiations of rural credit debts, extension of rebates and flexibility of the guarantee term for granting credit to family farmers.

Civil entities from the popular camp pressure the parliamentarians to overturn the veto. This is the case of the Landless Rural Workers Movement (MST), one of the organizations that took to the deputies the demands that resulted in the formatting of the PL.

“With Bolsonaro’s veto, the promotion of food production is compromised, increasing the margins for hunger and inflation in the price of food in the country,” said the organization, in a statement published on Friday (24).

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For Antônia Ivoneide, from the national coordination and from the MST’s production sector, the vetoes of the head of the Executive place family farming in a scenario of uncertainty, given the dehydration of public policies aimed at the segment.

“The overthrow of the veto would be a defeat for the president. It remains to be seen whether those in the center have the courage to impose this defeat on him”, adds the leader, mentioning the majority group in Congress, which is Bolsonaro’s base of support.

Edition: Vinícius Segalla

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