City of Rio starts a booster dose of vaccine for

The City of Rio de Janeiro began this Wednesday (29) the booster dose of the vaccine against covid-19 for patients with a high degree of immunosuppression and who are 12 years old or more. Immunosuppressed patients aged 40 years or older started to be vaccinated on the last day 22.

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The booster dose will be aimed at those who received the second application or single dose of the immunizing agent for at least 28 days. Anyone who is vaccinated must present proof of vaccination, identification document and digital medical report from Cremerj dated less than the last 60 days.

This Wednesday, the capital of Rio de Janeiro is also continuing to vaccinate a booster dose for elderly people aged 81 or over. The immunization is intended for the elderly who received the second application or single dose for at least three months.

People over 60 years old who took the second dose until March 31 can already be vaccinated.


Adolescents over 12 years old who have not yet been vaccinated will be able to attend vaccination posts until the end of October to take the first dose.

Source: BoF Rio de Janeiro

Edition: Eduardo Miranda

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