City of Rio maintains mandatory use of masks in places

The use of masks in closed places in the city of Rio de Janeiro is still mandatory. The forecast was that the municipality would make the measure more flexible when it reached 75% of the population vaccinated against covid-19. However, in a decree published in the Official Gazette this Friday (12), Mayor Eduardo Paes (PSD) chose not to change the law.

In addition to the issue of masks, the decree signed by Paes also revokes the resolution drawn up in conjunction with the State Department of Health (SES) in January that determined variable measures to protect covid according to the risk stages established for each territory of the County.

Vaccine Coverage

The city of Rio has 72.9% of the total population with both doses or a single dose. This account includes children who have not been vaccinated. When the cut is in the target audience of the vaccination campaign – population over 12 years -, Rio has 85.1% vaccination coverage. Among adults – over 18 – the rate jumps to 92.7%.

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Currently, the use of masks in open environments can only be made more flexible in municipalities that reach 65% coverage of the total vaccinated population. There are still no defined rules on flexibility in closed places. The State Department of Health, however, should only meet to debate the issue on November 19th.

According to the state’s latest Coronavirus Panel risk map update, released Nov. 4, all regions are at low or very low risk of covid-19 transmission.

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Source: BoF Rio de Janeiro

Edition: Jaqueline Deister

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