City of Rio has more than 90% of the fully adult population

The municipality of Rio de Janeiro reached the mark of 90.6% of the adult population fully immunized against covid-19. According to the City’s Vaccination Panel, more than 70% of the city’s total population has already received two doses or the single-dose vaccine.

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In a live broadcast on social networks, Mayor Eduardo Paes (PSD) commented on the next phase of flexibility in the city with the advance of vaccination.

“I believe that by the end of this week, until Saturday, we should reach the goal of the third phase proposed by the Scientific Committee, which is the phase where we reach 75% of the total population vaccinated with the two doses. Then you have a series of triggers foreseen by the Scientific Committee, among them the end of the obligation of masks in closed spaces,” he said.

Paes stated, however, that he does not know if the capital will accompany the committee in the decisions: “Probably, we should remain with the obligation [da máscara] and the end of the fine for not using it in a closed space”.

vaccination schedule

The Municipal Health Department anticipated the second dose of Pfizer’s vaccine for people aged 17 and over. The interval between doses for this audience was reduced from 12 weeks to 21 days.

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This Wednesday (10), the first dose in the capital of Rio de Janeiro will be aimed at children aged 12 or over, while the booster dose is for people aged 62 or over. Professionals and healthcare workers who took the second dose by May 31 and patients with high levels of immunosuppression aged 12 years and over can also take the booster dose.

For vaccination, it is necessary to present an original identification document with photo, CPF and, if possible, the vaccination booklet. For the second dose, it is important to also take proof of the first application. Find the nearest unit on the website:

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