City Guard uses rubber bullet and wounds 2

* with information from Sismmar and Sifar

This Friday (3), civil servants from Araucária (PR) were protesting against the increase in the social security contribution rate in front of the Municipal Council, when they were surprised by the municipal guard who, according to the Union of Public Teaching Servants of Araucária and the Araucária Servants Union acted brutally, leaving 20 employees injured.

The municipal teacher Daniel Lazinho was arrested and is currently in hospital. The Guard refuses to say where they will take him next. In addition, one of the servants who was seriously injured in the groin was arrested while still in the hospital, also without justification, according to officials.

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In the midst of rubber bullets from the Municipal Guard and armed violence against civil servants, the councilors of Araucária approved the Bill that represents a wage loss of 3% for municipal civil servants who do not have a salary adjustment and “continue with low wages even with the increase in the cost of living,” state union representatives.

The brutality began when the workers were prevented from following the session at the Araucaria City Council (CMA). The promise was that passwords would be distributed so that a number of people could participate, however, this agreement was not fulfilled, and the servers were even prevented from entering the courtyard of the Chamber.

Until 6:00 pm, civil servants along with representatives of the trade unions of the category were waiting in front of the civil police station in Araucária (R. Maj. Sezino Pereira de Souza, 100) and said they would not leave there until the workers who were arrested were released.

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Other side

In a statement, the press office of the Municipality of Araucária, said that “the Municipal Guard of Araucária was called to help maintain order and preserve public property during the session of the City Council this Friday (3rd). of the Municipal Guard have an operational protocol and there is an indication for gradual use of force depending on the situation. In other words, non-lethal means should be prioritized whenever possible, starting with conversations and indicating the use of force majeure only if the situation demands it.”

Source: BoF Paraná

Edition: Ana Carolina Caldas

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