Cimi and Apib report torture and murders in Indigenous Land

Families from the Serrinha Indigenous Land (north of Rio Grande do Sul) were the target of episodes of extreme violence this Saturday (16) due to conflicts caused by land lease processes. The accusations were confirmed by the Indigenous Organization Instituto Kaingáng (INKA), the Articulation of Indigenous Peoples of Brazil (Apib), the Articulation of Indigenous Peoples of the South (Arpinsul) and the Southern Regional Indigenous Missionary Council.

In notes released this weekend, the institutions report intimidation, private imprisonment, torture, murders and omission by the government in the region. Apib and Arpinsul claim that the practice of leasing observed in the region “co-opts and corrupts leaders, placing indigenous people against indigenous people in a policy of violence encouraged by the current government, fostered by agribusiness and which generates deaths”.

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In the text, the articulations demand that the government prevent the leases from being legalized, a possibility opened by the Proposal for Amendment to the Constitution (PEC) 187, which is being processed in the National Congress. “The ruralist proposal is yet another threat to the constitutional rights of indigenous peoples and can further aggravate the situation of violence against indigenous peoples”, they point out.

On Saturday (16), two men were shot dead inside the indigenous land, which is located in an area that covers the municipalities of Ronda Alta, Três Palmeiras, Constantina and Engenho Velho. According to INKA, families are the target of “violence and the brutality of internal political power”. The organization denounces processes called “transfers”, in which indigenous people are forced to leave their homes under humiliation, “cruel acts, coordinated at the behest of the culturally corrupted local leadership,” says the statement.

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The Institute reports that “episodes of open and deliberate violence of an internal political nature in the Serrinha Indigenous Land have been going on for months.” There was an expulsion of leaders, elders and elders. Health, law and education professionals and artists were prevented from acting. Cultural agents reportedly suffered physical attacks imprisoned in a bathroom in a village gym.

Over the internet, the resident, Vãngri Kaingang, made a desperate plea that went viral.

Less than a month ago, the Council of Elders of the Serrinha Indigenous Land released a text in which it warned of high risks of violent conflicts. The note informed that the irregularities were reported to various bodies last year, but no measures were taken to resolve the problem. The reserve has more than 650 families and a total population of over 3,000 people.

The case will be conducted by the Federal Police (PF) with the support of the Civil Police (PC).

Edition: Vivian Virissimo

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