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Hello girls!!!

Today’s post brings some suggestions for looks to use on Christmas Eve!

As it is a very special day when we gather the family to socialize and thank for the year that is ending, the occasion calls for a model to match, don’t you think ?!

I thought of some options, I hope you like it!

The first is a very romantic dress. I played with the mix of textures of the dress and clutch to enrich the look. And why not a Christmas touch with red accessories ?! Everything to do, agree ?!

Screenshot 2015-12-15 at 10.56.41Skirt and blouse are also a great combo. The ladylike printed skirt gained a more modern and current look with the asymmetric blouse (asymmetry is with everything)! Golden accessories to add a little sparkle and a discreet earring with emerald green stone to make a link with the shades of the skirt print. What about?!

Screenshot 2015-12-15 at 12.29.34For those who do not give up long trousers, the polka dot pants are perfect! The trick of combining the tone of one of the pieces of the look with an accessory also always goes well, in this case, I chose the blouse and the pierced handbag. The trend vest enters as the third piece composing this production and the shine is due to the golden shoe and necklace.

#Tip: Each neckline has a collar shape, in this case, the long chain goes together with the vest (creating a vertical line) and lengthening the silhouette!

Screenshot 2015-12-15 at 12.39.57And finally, the good old basic black dress (who doesn’t have one in the closet? The important thing to be a wild card, is that it’s a model that dresses your body type well and that preferably has a timeless cut, like that which does not go out of style – tube, line A, straight. It is worth remembering that cutouts, asymmetries and other details can leave the piece dated). The dress gets a huge upgrade with powerful accessories!

And then girls? Did you like the suggestions? Now just enjoy the date and celebrate a lot! ????


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