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Next Saturday (20), Black Consciousness Day, will be marked by acts throughout Brazil that denounce the racism of Jair Bolsonaro’s (non-party) government. In Rio de Janeiro, the Marcha da Periferia is being organized to start at Viaduto Negrão de Lima, in the North Zone of the city, at 1 pm, and continue towards Parque Madureira.

“The march has a tradition of talking to the population of Madureira. This year in particular, the march stands as one of the last acts of this great uprising for ‘Fora Bolsonaro’. All ailments primarily affect black people, such as famine, hunger, misery, the pandemic itself and unemployment. The motto of this act, essentially, is the racist Bolsonaro fora”, explains Matheus Almeida, a member of the Socialist Youth Union (UJS).

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In its tenth edition in Rio, the Marcha da Periferia takes place throughout Brazil, organized by social movements, unions and historical organizations of the black movement such as the Unified Black Movement (MNU) and the União de Negras e Negros pela Equality (Unegro). This year, the event focuses on, in addition to ‘Fora Bolsonaro’, denouncing Sérgio Camargo’s administration at Fundação Cultural Palmares.

In Niterói, in the metropolitan region, the Black Consciousness walk will also be a response from social movements in repudiation of the foundation’s president. Camargo, known for racist statements and for making fun of the black movement, will be at the city’s City Council for the launch of the “Associação de Conservadores do Brasil” this Saturday (20).

“We always took to the streets with this agenda of Black Consciousness, but this year it was exacerbated by the policy of setbacks by the Bolsonaro government, but also by the disastrous performance of Sergio Camargo”, says Rebecca Vieira, president of the Municipal Council for the Promotion of Racial Equality of Niterói .

After the protest in the city, the traditional festival Viva Zumbi presents several musical attractions from 10 am, at Concha Acústica de Niterói. Chico César, Salgueiro drums, Black Bom ball, Maracatu Baque Mulher, among others, are confirmed. The event will also distribute free feijoada and receive non-perishable food donations.

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“We know that the attacks come directly because Niterói has policies to promote racial equality and has had a program of celebration and denunciation of racism on the 20th for more than 13 years. There is no fight against racism without ‘Fora Bolsonaro’, which it represents the opposite of what we want as black people”, concludes Vieira.

Check out the schedule in Rio de Janeiro:

– March of the Periphery of Madureira

1:00 pm – Negrão de Lima Viaduct and walk to Madureira Park

– Black Consciousness Walk of Niterói

9 am – Praça Arariboia to Praça Zumbi dos Palmares, in Cantareira

– Viva Zumbi Festival

10 am – Acoustic Concha de Niterói (R. São Domingos)

Free music programming and feijoada

It is mandatory to present proof of vaccination.

Source: BoF Rio de Janeiro

Edition: Clívia Mesquita

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