Chamber suspends processing of PL that institutes aid

The government leader, councilor Léo Burguês (PSL), suspended on Wednesday afternoon (8) the processing of the bill that institutes emergency aid in Belo Horizonte. The decision took place after the City Council presented a replacement for the initial matter of the Bill sent by the executive.

Substitutive raised aid from BRL 100 to BRL 400 for part of the families

On social networks, councilor Iza Lourença (PSOL) expressed her repudiation of the decision. “Absurd! The city hall withdraws the emergency aid bill from the BH Chamber without any explanation”, he declared.

Councilwoman Bella Gonçalves (PSOL), on the other hand, declared that she sees this movement by the Executive “with concern. Those who are hungry are in a hurry”.

Councilor Pedro Patrus (PT) expressed dissatisfaction with the impediment of the processing of the PL and stated that he hopes that “dialogue between the parties is resumed as soon as possible so that we can present the amendments and vote on the bill as soon as possible.”

Original project provided fewer resources for BH Aid

The original text of the bill provided for the granting of aid of R$100 to people in situations of poverty and extreme poverty, registered by the PBH. In addition, it also provided for R$100 for families with children enrolled in the municipal education system. Altogether, the PL had a budget of R$160 million.

Following guidelines from the Food Security, Social Assistance and School Feeding councils in relation to the stratification of values, the substitute presented by the Chamber indicates that these same families could access up to four types of cumulative aid.

With a budget of R$219 million, approximately R$60 million more than the project sent by the city, the substitute allows families in extreme poverty with children enrolled in the municipal education network to receive up to R$400.

In addition, the substitute maintains the delivery of food baskets to families with children enrolled in municipal kindergarten.

Budget difference would be paid by the CMBH itself

On his social networks, councilor Léo Burguês justified the suspension of the project’s processing.

“Any additional expense must have a source of funds”, he published. Of the nearly R$60 million of budget difference foreseen between the original and the replacement project, R$40 million would be covered with the return of resources from the City Council. ER$20 million would depend on negotiation with PBH.

Source: BoF Minas Gerais

Edition: Elis Almeida

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