Chamber of Deputies approves requalification of

The House of Representatives approved the sending of financial resources for actions to requalify the Memorial das Ligas e Lutas Camponesas da Paraíba. The project was presented by Federal Deputy Frei Anastácio, from the Workers’ Party (PT).

The resource is intended for the elaboration of projects for restoration, exhibition and lighting techniques; renovation and restoration of the house (registered by IPHAEP in 2012) and strengthening of popular education projects in the communities.

The Memorial’s board of directors is forming a working group to manage the requalification project and monitor the financial management of the resource, which will be in charge of the Sapé City Hall. The institutions signed a Cooperation Agreement on June 18, 2021.

The Memorial is the only institution in the Northeast that is part of the International Coalition of Sites of Conscience, a network of human rights museums around the world.

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The organization supports the Memorial to develop a museological management tool for its actions, from the approval of a project (Project Support Fund-2020) for the development of the Museological Plan. Discussions about this planning were very important for the search for resources for the restoration of the listed house.

The MLLC has been in existence since 2006 and is managed by peasant women and men independently and, until then, without financial support from the government. In the Memorial das Ligas e Lutas, the museum collection is the memoir of many generations of struggle for land. Stories of resistance by agroecology, of actions to value formal and popular education in the countryside, of promotion and defense of healthy life as a fundamental human right.

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In addition to the exhibition in the house where the family of João Pedro Teixeira, martyr to the struggle for land in Paraíba, lived, the Memorial develops a series of educational and cultural activities, in addition to actions aimed at agroecology and transitional justice.

Source: BoF Paraíba

Edition: Heloisa de Sousa

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