CGU: government buys mask with payment of R$193 million to

An investigation carried out by the Federal Comptroller General (CGU) indicates that the Ministry of Health (MS) paid R$ 193.4 million in advance to a company for the purchase of masks of Chinese origin, but did not officially confirm receipt of the material. The complaint was published this Saturday (9) by the newspaper Folha de S. Paulo.

The absence of proof of purchase of the products appears in a CGU audit report finalized on August 4th of this year and registered in the public consultation system on the 22nd.

The control body exercises internal surveillance over the federal government and therefore prepares periodic reports on the flow of expenditures and the level of transparency of each administration. In addition to public auditing, the CGU is responsible for correcting, preventing and combating corruption in the federal public administration. The masks for the purchase in question were acquired by the government in April 2020.

According to Folha de S. Paulo, the CGU report attesting to the lack of proof of purchase is the same one that showed lack of proof of delivery of more than 4,800 respirators that had been purchased for states and municipalities, in an acquisition that cost more than R $273 million to public coffers. The case was shown by the vehicle on the last 5th.

VTCLog, the company that signed the contract with the folder, would be responsible for sending proof of delivery of the product and claims to have sent more than 18 thousand respirators with formal proof. The same firm is currently the target of Covid’s Parliamentary Inquiry Commission (CPI) in the Senate, which investigates government acts and omissions in managing the pandemic.

The total value of the contract maintained with the government would be more than R$ 690 million, according to Folha de S. Paulo, mentioning the CGU report. The companies involved are Global Base Development HK Limited, from Hong Kong, and 356 Distribuidora, Importadora e Exportadora, the company representing Global Base in the country.

Edition: Lucas Weber

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