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The President of the Republic, Jair Bolsonaro, who has been visiting the northeastern states, arrived in Recife last Friday (3) to meet businessmen, soldiers and participate in motorcycles with voters in the interior of the state. During the passage, he finds few political leaders and does not speak to the press. On Saturday, he participated in a “motorcycle” in Santa Cruz do Capibaribe, the only municipality in Pernambuco where he won the 2018 election. “Bolsonaro cattle”, as shown in the videos that circulated on social networks, celebrating inflation, unemployment and deaths.

Despite the city’s pocketnarist inclination, this Friday (3) a sound car circulated in the city calling on Bolsonaro supporters to “demonstrate their political alienation”. “Celebrate the president’s achievements: gasoline at R$7, cooking gas at R$100, increase in the energy bill, increase in hunger and poverty, 15 million unemployed, projects that take away the rights of the Young Apprentice, 570 thousand dead – the majority due to lack of vaccines – destruction of the Amazon”, he calls. The call ends with a new provocation: “show that you are Bolsonaro cattle”, followed by the sound of mooing.

The mayor of Santa Cruz do Capibaribe, Fábio Aragão (PP), has already issued a statement alleging “religious issues” not to participate in Bolsonaro’s activities in the municipality. The manager is an Adventist and keeps Saturdays for religious activities. On social networks, the population of Santa Cruz congratulated and praised the mayor’s detachment: “you won’t lose anything” and “you’re proud of your consistency”, were some comments that set the tone for the voters’ response.

Second largest textile hub in Brazil

On Saturday morning, Bolsonaro traveled 185km by helicopter to Santa Cruz do Capibaribe, in the Agreste region of the state, where he visits the Moda Center, the largest park of jeans manufacturers in Latin America. The city is the second largest textile hub in Brazil, only behind São Paulo. Among the 185 municipalities in Pernambuco, Santa Cruz do Capibaribe was the only one in which Jair Bolsonaro was victorious in the 2nd round of the 2018 election, having obtained 53.8% of the votes, against 46.2% of Fernando Haddad (PT). During the entire visit, the president and his supporters appeared in public without masks, in violation of Law No. 16,918, which makes the use of personal protective equipment mandatory.

The municipality of 112 thousand inhabitants has its economy dominated by the textile industry and commerce. A large part of the population works autonomously and without rights in the so-called “factions”, receiving payment per sewn piece. Despite the exhausting hours, the dominant idea among the citizens is that these working conditions guarantee them “freedom”.

The scenario is similar in the neighboring municipality of Toritama and a considerable portion of the population of Caruaru works under these conditions. The work dynamics and the dominant ideology are well exposed in the documentary “I’m saving myself for when Carnival arrives”. Textile production from Santa Cruz is shipped to Toritama and Caruaru. The three cities form the textile hub of Pernambuco. And the “motociata” from Bolsonaro went through just three: it leaves Santa Cruz, passes through Toritama and ends in Caruaru.

Pernambuco PSB

During his visit to Recife, Bolsonaro did not meet Mayor João Campos (PSB), but he was with Governor Paulo Câmara (PSB) in possession of the Northeast Military Command. Just this Friday, hours before meeting the president, the governor was published in the magazine Look interview in which he defends a broad alliance around Lula’s candidacy and classifies the PSB’s support for the impeachment of President Dilma in 2016 as an “error”.

:: Outside Bolsonaro: at least 160 cities will have acts on September 7th; check list ::

Visit started on Friday

Bolsonaro arrived accompanied by senator Fernando Bezerra Coelho (MDB), minister of tourism Gilson Machado, and pastor Silas Malafaia (from the Igreja Assembleia de Deus Vitória em Cristo). In Recife, they were welcomed by state deputies Alberto Feitosa (PSC), Clarissa Tércio (PSC), Romero Sales Filho (PTB) and the couple Cleiton and Michele Collins (both PP). The Água de Ouro maracatu was also at the air base.

In the capital of Pernambuco, the presidential delegation briefly participated in an event that inaugurated the new headquarters of the Child Citizen Orchestra, at the Army Supplies Depot, in the Cabanga neighborhood, in the central area of ​​Recife. The Child Citizen Beneficent Association (ABCC) was created in 2000 by judge Nildo Nery dos Santos, but today it is headed by architect Myrna Targino and her husband, judge João Targino.

:: Bolsonaro used four of the last six working days to call for September 7 acts ::

Still in the afternoon, Bolsonaro participated in a meeting with businessmen at the Mar Hotel, in Boa Viagem. He was welcomed by hundreds of supporters in the vicinity of the hotel. The event was organized by the Federation of Industries of the State of Pernambuco (Fiepe).

The businessmen received the president with shouts of “myth” and delivered a letter asking for the return of the autonomy of the Port of Suape, withdrawn in 2013; and they are also asking for infrastructure works such as the Transnordestina, the Metropolitan Arch to be unlocked, and for maintenance on the BR-232, the main highway that connects the metropolitan region to the municipalities of Agreste and Sertão, continuing to Salgueiro.

At night, still on Friday, the president participated in the nomination ceremony of the new head of the Northeast Military Command, a post that passes from General Marco Antônio Freire to General Richard Fernandez Nunes. The event takes place at the BR-232 barracks, in the Curado district. Bolsonaro sleeps in his own barracks.

Source: BoF Pernambuco

Edition: Vanessa Gonzaga

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