Campaign “Christmas Without Hunger” starts this Sunday (17)

The NGO Ação da Cidadania launches this Sunday (17) the campaign “Christmas Without Hunger” 2021 throughout the country. In this edition, Rio de Janeiro was chosen as the main stage of the campaign that mobilizes society as a whole to bring food and dignity to millions of families, especially at the end of the year festivities.

During the morning, the NGO carried out a symbolic act in repudiation of the worsening hunger in the country at Copacabana Beach, in the southern part of the city. There will also be on-site food collection, artistic performances and a children’s recreation.

“The ‘Christmas Without Hunger’ symbolizes our struggle and hope for better days for the population that has been suffering from lack of food. The expectation is that this will be the biggest campaign in the history of the NGO, we hope to raise at least R$ 30 million to be able to bring food to families across the country”, says Rodrigo “Kiko” Afonso, executive director of Ação da Cidadania.


With the motto “What if each one does their part?”, this year’s “Christmas Without Hunger” campaign reinforces the importance of solidarity at a time when 19 million Brazilians are in a situation of serious food insecurity, according to the Brazilian Network of Research on Sovereignty and Food and Nutritional Security.

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By the end of December, every R$1 donated to the “Christmas Without Hunger” campaign website is equivalent to a plate of food on the table of those who need it most, including riverside communities, quilombolas and indigenous people.

“Hunger has no vaccine. The cure only comes through public policies. That’s why we ask each one to give wings to their solidarity and help us, because those who are hungry are in a hurry. Our goal is to collect six thousand tons of food throughout the country to distribute to 2.5 million people”, reinforces Daniel Souza, president of the Citizenship Action Council.

“Natal Sem Fome” has already brought food to more than 20 million people since its launch in 1994, a year after the foundation of Ação da Cidadania by sociologist Herbert de Souza, known as Betinho. After 10 years without being carried out, the campaign returned to work throughout Brazil in 2017.

Source: BoF Rio de Janeiro

Edition: Clívia Mesquita

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