Call, CPI and calculation: complaint about offshores of

The accusation that the Minister of Economy, Paulo Guedes, maintains offshore abroad it generated developments on different fronts.

Revealed last Sunday (3) by vehicles that make up the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ), as is the case of the country and the portal 360 power, the scandal is linked to Pandora Papers, an investigation into tax havens in the world.

The poll, which involved 600 journalists from 117 countries, identified 92 politicians or managers of Latino governments who created such companies offshore in tax havens with the objective of camouflaging capital. This type of investment is usually made in places where taxation is more favorable to the investor.

The investigation of journalists indicates involvement in this type of action not only by Guedes, but also by the president of the Central Bank (BC), Campos Neto. The political world reacted through multiple actions.

On Tuesday (5), the Work Commission on Administration and Public Service of the Chamber of Deputies approved a request to summon Guedes to provide explanations regarding the maintenance of values ​​abroad.

As it is a summons and not an invitation, the agent is obliged to attend. There is no date forecast for the agenda yet.

There were also initiatives within the Senate, where the Committee on Economic Affairs (CAE) approved on Tuesday (5) two requests for invitation, one addressed to Guedes and the other to Campos Neto so that both are heard. In this case, there is no obligation to attend.

Despite this, the revelation of the scandal sends out a resonance that tends to make the Senate atmosphere even more noisy and unfavorable for the Bolsonaro government.

The administration has had difficulty managing the political and media damage caused by Covid’s Parliamentary Inquiry Commission (CPI) and by other initiatives that have shaken relations with the senators.

In the Pandora Papers case, journalistic investigations involving Guedes mainly fueled opposition criticism. The minister’s company revealed in the scandal is located in the British Virgin Islands and has the participation of the president’s wife, Maria Cristina Bolivar Drummond Guedes, and the couple’s daughter, Paula Drummond Guedes.

“This brings huge suspicions about the conduct of economic policy, about what privileged information the Minister of Economy had, about the dollar rate and how much this has privileged him while harming and relegating the entire Brazilian society and many Brazilians to hunger and misery ”, says the leader of the opposition in the Senate, Randolfe Rodrigues (Rede-AP).

The senator is among the lawmakers who provoked the judiciary to ask for the case to be investigated. Randolfe, for example, filed a criminal report with the Supreme Court (STF) on Monday (4) so ​​that the Court asks the Attorney General’s Office (PGR) for a preliminary investigation into the scandal.

On the same day, the attorney general, Augusto Aras, decided to set up a preliminary tally aimed at Guedes. The PGR will check if the minister’s company is in operation and if it has made investments in Bolsonaro’s management.


In the Chamber, congressmen from the PSOL bench filed, on Tuesday (5), a request for the creation of the “CPI of Paulo Guedes”, which needs 171 deputies’ signatures to prosper because the regiment requires the support of at least one third of the 513 members of the House.

The party says it is looking for signatures right now. “There is an urgent need to investigate the existence of a conflict of interest, favors and manipulations by the minister”, argue the members of the bench, in the justification of the CPI request.

The caption points out that Guedes would have “practiced conduct incompatible with legality, morality and administrative probity, in addition to other offenses provided for in the tax legislation”.

Edition: Leandro Melito

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