Calendrag 22: in Brasília, publication exhibits art

The drag calendar has already become a tradition in the cultural scene and its 5th edition brings national cinema as its theme. The invited drag queen artists posed for photos inspired by national films such as “Dona Flor and Her Two Husbands”, “O Kiss da Mulher Aranha”, “Bacurau”, “Central do Brasil” and “Terra em Transe”.

Carried out by Distrito Drag, a collective of Transformist artists from the Federal District, Calendrag 2022 was launched on Wednesday night, 10th, at Cine Brasília, in an event that celebrated diversity, transformist art and exalted national cinema.

:: In Brasília, the second edition of the Jorge Lafond Award honors LGBTI+ personalities and activists ::

“We believe that the calendar cannot be a simple yearbook with photographs about beauty. Beauty is one of the fundamentals of drag art and, in this sense, choosing a theme for each year means bringing a reflection not only to those who make the drag calendar, such as drag queens and photographers, but also to influence society with some themes that we consider important”, points out drag queen Ruth Venceremos, who signs the general direction of Calendrag 2022.

According to the organization, the choice of theme comes from the current Brazilian reality. The collective wanted to emphasize that Brazil is going through a political period of attacks on individual freedoms and collective conquests, dismantling and censorship, which calls for creative resistance actions.

“Given the attack that Culture has had in this misgovernance, bringing the theme of cinema as a fundamental axis of the Drag Calendar is for us to retake the importance of national production, reaffirm cinema with this dimension that builds our identity as a Brazilian people”, points Ruth We Will Win.

Since the first edition, in 2018, Distrito Drag has invited prominent artists from both the DF and nationally to the calendar. Marcinha do Corintho, historical figure of LGBTI+ culture, presenter Íkaro Kadoshi and drag activist Rita von Hunty, who is on the cover of the publication, are invited this year.

Drag queen Rita von Hunty is on the cover of Calendrag 2022. / Press

In addition to them, artists Baby Brasil, Brenda Max, Cassandra Morgan, Dionísio Viva, Linda Brondi, Mabel Molotov, Nágila Goldstar, Natasha Voxx, Organzza, Sereia Punk, Shihara, Simone Demoqueen Lafond and Tiffany are present at Calendrag’s rehearsals.

“I have 26 years of drag and in 2021 participating in a project like this is very important, because before we didn’t have this visibility”, highlights drag queen Linda Brondi, who reinterpreted O Kiss da Mulher Aranha (1985) on calendar and stamps the month of July.

Linda Brondi is a drag created by photographer André Gagliardo, who in this yearbook, in addition to participating as an artist, also acted as a photographer and signs the Art Direction Calendrag 2022. 70’s and 80’s, but this record didn’t exist as we have now, things were lost in time, there are few records, and we are in a moment that 20 years from now people will know what was happening and this for me is one of the coolest things about Calendrag”, emphasizes Gagliardo.


During the launch of the yearbook, in addition to the color, joy and performances of the drag queens, the audience was also made up of people allied with drag culture, from the LGBTI+ community. “It’s really interesting to see people being themselves, transforming art. And it’s very beautiful to follow this work, which is exuberant, colorful, it’s an art and we have to appreciate it,” said Caroline Benincasa, who went to honor and support the work of drag queen Tiffany, a character created by her brother Igor Benincasa .

“I was honored to be invited by Distrito Drag to participate in Calendrag 2022. A beautiful project, which aims to give visibility to drag art and raise relevant political and social issues. It’s a great day for my artistic career, I’m thrilled and super anxious”, said Igor, on his social network. Tifffany, the Scenic Drag, prints the month of June in reference to the film DZI Croquettes (2009).


In 2020, drag queen Lee Brandão also participated in the Calendrag. “It’s an important space to show the diversity of the arts, how versatile artists can be. I was very happy when I was invited in 2019 and, above all, to be the first person with a disability to occupy the space, which enhances our art so much”, she highlighted.

In addition to exalting and promoting drag art, the calendar fulfills a social function. The funds raised from the sale of the new edition will go to two organizations that support the LGBTI community, Casa Akotirene, an urban quilombo that promotes training and inclusion activities in Ceilândia (DF), and Casa Neon Cunha, which promotes actions for contribute to the autonomy of LGBTIs in São Bernardo do Campo (SP), in Grande ABC Paulista.

The online sales of the yearbook will be made through the Editora Expressão Popular website.

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Source: Federal District BdF

Edition: Marcia Silva

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