By salary readjustment, SP journalists decide to cross the

Journalists from magazines and newspapers in the city of São Paulo decided to fold their arms on November 10th. The action, approved in an assembly held this Friday (29) with a quorum of more than 200 people from different media outlets, aims to press for a salary readjustment.

Negotiations with media companies have been dragging on for five months and, in the view of the São Paulo Journalists Union, it has made very little progress.

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In a meeting held the day before – Thursday (28) – the companies maintained the proposal for a 5% readjustment for salaries of up to R$ 10 thousand, with R$ 500 being fixed for those who earn above that. The employer’s proposal does not include an adjustment in relation to the PLR ​​(Profit Sharing).

The category’s counterproposal is for a retroactive 5% readjustment from June 2021 and another 3.72% from November, in addition to the maintenance of the PLR ​​fine and an 8.9% readjustment following inflation.

“So that the entire category mobilizes at this decisive moment, we will hold meetings by workplaces”, explained in a statement the Union of Journalists of São Paulo.

The next meeting of the category, which should discuss the details of the stoppage and the next steps of the movement, is scheduled for Friday (5).

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Edition: Vinícius Segalla

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