Brazilian Amazonia suffers an increase of 21.97% en la

Amazonia Legal underwent a new increase in the rate of deforestation, which reached 21.97% in the period between August 2020 and July 2021. Instituto Nacional de Investigaciones Espaciales (INPE for its acronym in Portuguese). The survey highlights that it is the highest index registered in the region since 2006.

A total of 13,235 km² were deforested. Researchers identified a 52.9% increase in the total area deforested during the first three years of Bolsonaro’s management, with an average of 11,405 km² between 2019 and 2021. In the three previous years, the system had recorded an average of 7,458 km².

:: Deforestation in the Amazon in October is equivalent to the areas of Porto Alegre and Belo Horizonte ::

“It is evident that actions are needed by Brazil to contain the deforestation and climate change in the market of this government, which is stopped for the time being and now sees the jungle and its pueblos as an obstacle to development”, dijo, in note , the spokesperson for the campaign of the Amazonia of Greenpeace, Cristiane Mazzetti.

The institution also emphasizes that the figures in the document dated from October 27th and, therefore, predate the visit of representatives of the government of Bolsonaro to the Glasgow Climate Conference (COP 26) in Scotland.

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“Despite the government’s recent attempts to clean up its image, reality imposes itself once more. More than 13,000 km² in Sorprenden has accompanied the last three years of dismantling of the Brazilian environmental management and the attempts to weaken the legal framework for the protection of the environment”, criticizes Mazzetti.

Other organizations will also react to the figures, such as the case of the Climate Observatory. The institution points out that this is the first time that deforestation has increased for four consecutive years since 1988, when INPE’s measurements began.

“The result is the result of a persistent, planned and ongoing effort to destroy environmental protection policies under Jair Bolsonaro’s regime. This is the triumph of a cruel project that leads to the greatest tropical jungle in the world to disappear before our eyes and convenience to Bolsonaro Brazil in a global climate threat”, said the institution’s executive secretary, Marcio Astrini.

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The climate emergency context that calls the attention of the world currently has the eyes of Brazil. The escalation of deforestation recorded in the last three years has left the country in a desperate situation due to the devastation, which affects international agreements signed by the Brazilian State and compromises the country’s image in certain world trade agreements.

“Ye this situation is only going to get worse, if the Senate decides on the Law Proyecto (PL) of Grilagem*, which benefits invaders of public lands and encourages more deforestation”, stresses the spokesperson of Greenpeace, mentioning the controversial PL 2633 /20, which is being processed in the Chamber of Deputies. The proposal is sponsored by the ruralist caucus, a traditional opponent of the movement in defense of the environment.

The data released this month by INPE, for example, were measured in an interval in which 32% of the deforestation alerts were related to the so-called “undestined public forests”, areas belonging to the Brazilian State that do not have a destination specific and therefore it fits in the frequent focus of people who seek to illegalize [apropiarse de tierras indebidamente].

*Use of false documents to forge ownership and claim tenencia de lands.

Edition: Vivian Virissimo

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