“Brazil is not chipped, it is this government that is chipping the

Former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT) was invited to debate solutions for the Brazilian economic crisis on the program “Triangulando”, aired this Wednesday night (1) by the social networks of medical and digital influencer Thelma Assis, the Thelminha.

“To govern it is necessary to set priorities. You have to prioritize the poorest. And what is happening today is that the poorest have been forgotten”, said Lula, after Thelminha presented data on social inequality in the country.

Also participating in the broadcast were singer Linn da Quebrada, founder of Central Única das Favelas, Celso Athayde, and participant in the 2021 edition of the Big Brother Brasil (BBB) ​​program and economist Gil do Vigor.

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When criticizing the economic policy of the Jair Bolsonaro government (without a party), Lula played with the well-known catchphrase of the ex-BBB: “Brazil ‘has’ chipped”.

“Brazil is not chipped. It is this government that is chipping away at Brazil”, said the former president, in a good-humored tone, to Gil do Vigor.

The economist highlighted the importance of education to overcome social inequality. “I am an example. I came from a public school, I got access to public school through the quota system. And a quota is not a handout”, he declared.

Linn da Quebrada spoke about the obstacles in the quest to improve living conditions for those living on the outskirts.

“I believe that the world is one of the biggest obstacles, with its structuring and paralyzing structures,” said the artist, who grew up at Fazenda da Juta, in São Paulo.

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A former homeless person, Celso Athayde told how it feels to feel the marginalization resulting from social inequality.

“Those who live in favelas, on the outskirts, have always been socially isolated. This expression may be new, but for these people it is not new”, he denounced.

In the conversation, Gil was used as an example of how the PT government’s policy of inclusion of the population in higher education has paid off in the country.

“I came from a public school and today I’m in the PhD. This would not be possible if someone hadn’t understood the importance of bringing the poor to where they are”, he concluded.

Thelminha cited the “University for All” program as her gateway to the university.

“If today I’m here facing you, looking into your eye, it’s because I somehow received an opportunity back there,” he said, addressing the former president.

Edition: Vivian Virissimo

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