Brazil Aid starts to be paid this Wednesday (17th); check the

The payment of the Auxílio Brasil will start to be made this Wednesday (17th), according to the schedule published by Caixa Econômica Federal.

The release of the resource will be made based on the final digit of the Social Registration Number (NIS). This Wednesday, beneficiaries with final number 1 receive; on Thursday (18), number 2; until November 30, with the final number 0. Payment dates will follow the Bolsa Família model, always carried out on the last 10 working days of the month.

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About 17 million families will receive an average amount of R$ 217.18 this month. To access the benefit, the family must have a per capita income of up to R$100, considered to be in extreme poverty, and up to R$200, considered to be in poverty.

The creation of Auxílio Brasil overturns Bolsa Família, which turned 18 on October 20th. The proposal to change the income transfer program was sent by President Jair Bolsonaro to the National Congress, in August this year, through a Provisional Measure (MP).

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family allowance

Bolsa Família is a popular program, cited in articles and manifestos, not only for its impact on different spheres of Brazilian society over the years, but also for the fact that it is being annihilated by the Bolsonaro government. Between 2003 and 2018, the program reduced poverty rates in Brazil by 15% and extreme poverty rates by 25%, according to IPEA,

Some of the indirect impacts of Bolsa Família, according to a World Bank report, are the reduction in school repetition rates, the decrease in the amount of time spent working in the home for girls, the greater financial autonomy of women, the increase in food consumption, the drop in anemia rates and a 58% reduction in child mortality from malnutrition.

The change from Bolsa Família to Auxílio Brasil could reduce the number of beneficiaries in situations of poverty and extreme poverty. A report by Estadão, with data obtained through the Access to Information Law (LAI), showed that around 5.4 million beneficiaries may have a reduction in the benefit amount.

Edition: Daniel Lamir

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