Brasília will have a demonstration against Bolsonaro on the 2nd of

Political parties, trade union centrals and popular movements will carry out a new national act for the impeachment of President Jair Bolsonaro (no party). Convened for next Saturday, October 2, the demonstration will take place across the country.

In Brasília, protesters will march along the Esplanada dos Ministérios. The act is scheduled to start at 3:30 pm, with a concentration at the Museum of the Republic.

At 5 pm, the march begins, which will approach the National Congress on Via S1 of the Eixo Monumental, and then head back along the N1. The forecast is for the demonstration to end around 18:00.

The act is being led by PSOL, PT, PCdoB, PSB, PDT, Citizenship, Solidarity, Network, Green Party, PSTU, Popular Consultation, PRC and PCB, in addition to social movements, trade union centrals and the People Without Fear and Popular Brazil Fronts , who are already building the Campaign Fora Bolsonaro.

“Our construction is due to the expansion of acts to pressure Arthur Lira [presidente da Câmara] to initiate the impeachment process. The expectation is that we return to large street mobilizations as we have done in the past”, says Camila De Caso, from the coordination of the Movement of Homeless Workers in the Federal District.

According to Camila, what is happening in the country is not a mistake, it is the result of the policy of Bolsonaro and Guedes. “That’s why we need to remove Bolsonaro from power and his politics as well. For that we need to mobilize the streets with popular participation throughout Brazil. We are building this by expanding and bringing to the actions part of the parties that are not on the left,” he adds.

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Practically all trade union centrals in the country joined the mobilization, including CUT, CTB, UGT, CSB, CSP-Conlutas, Força Sindical, New Workers’ Union Center and Intersindical. In a public note calling for the act, the organizations highlighted the serious economic situation experienced by the Brazilian population.

“We are going to take to the streets in protest against the chaos that the mythomaniac Jair Bolsonaro represents to the country as President of the Republic: record unemployment, hunger, famine, inflation, corruption, removal of rights, dismantling of public and state-owned services, attacks to democracy, sovereignty and freedoms, the trampling of science and contempt for life”.

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In DF, the goal is to put “as many people on the street as possible”. Sanitary protocols for mask use and alcohol gel use must be observed. A work of agitation will also be carried out this week, with leafleting at fairs, the bus station and bus terminals.

“The expectation is that we will be able to mobilize well, we will make an effort, with agitation at the fairs, collage of lambes and distribution of pamphlets”, points out Katty Helen, a member of the Popular Youth Movement, one of the organizations that are building the act.

Source: Federal District BdF

Edition: Flávia Quirino

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