Brasil de Fato was wrong: mother blames vaccine for child’s death

Last Friday (8) the Brazil in fact published an article entitled Mother falsifies the reason for her son’s death, blames the vaccine and becomes a leader among pocketnaristas. Although we remain confident of the journalistic relevance of the subject, in particular to try to understand the motivations and functioning of the anti-vaccination movement, the vehicle was wrong in a number of aspects.

The first mistake was the use of the verb to falsify, which means to misrepresent or falsify, which would imply a deliberate use of a lie. The title suggests that the mother knew that the cause of death would not be related to the vaccine and, even so, she would have preferred to bet on the lie, for political gain. But there is no evidence that the mother acted like that.

The title was adjusted around 24 hours after it was published, gaining a more precise formulation: Mother blames vaccine for her son’s death and gains status as a “leader” among pocketnaristas.

However, the problems did not end and the article still remains inconclusive on the reason for the boy’s death, in an outcome that does little to elucidate the reader. After all, did he die from an adverse reaction to the vaccine or not? Was the mother’s questioning in relation to the death certificate issued legitimate?

In order not to let these doubts hang over the topic, the article was adjusted again this Monday (11). The images of those involved were removed, as they are not essential for understanding the matter and expose a grieving family.

Dealing with family tragedies deserves extra care that was not applied in this case. O Brazil in fact reiterates its commitment to quality, investigative and transparent journalism, always alongside human rights.

Edition: Vivian Virissimo

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