Brasil de Fato RJ: print edition returns to the streets

The print edition of Brazil de Facto RJ returned to the streets of Rio, Niterói and Maricá this Thursday (18) and will continue with distribution this weekend, after a long period without delivery due to the covid-19 pandemic.

O Brazil de Facto RJ, which will be nine years old in 2022, is distributed free of charge on the streets of Rio de Janeiro’s cities.

Now in its 346th edition, the newspaper has a special edition about the month of Black Consciousness. In addition to a special booklet from Brazil in fact which debates issues such as everyday racism, the print also features a special program in the capital of Rio de Janeiro for this weekend with courses, samba sessions and black music dances for Novembro Negro.

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In print, readers of the BoF RJ you can also check out a report on the TV show. Chat on the Slab, made by young people from the outskirts of Rio de Janeiro and aired every Thursday, from 6 pm, on YouTube and Community TV (NET channel 6).

In the edition, in addition to sports news, our columnist Luiz Ferreira analyzes the good phase of the Brazilian team, which guaranteed a place in the next World Cup.

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In addition to distribution on the streets of Niterói, Maricá and at the Coelho Neto and Central do Brasil subway stations, in Rio, the complete printed edition of Brazil de Facto RJ it can also be accessed in PDF format in our Instagram bio @brasildefatorj.

And if you buy a newspaper from us during this week, be sure to take a photo and tag us in the stories on the social network.

Source: BoF Rio de Janeiro

Edition: Eduardo Miranda

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