Brasil de Fato launches tabloid on the causes and impacts of

Gas, energy, fuel, food. Everything has increased in the last year, except for the average income of Brazilians. O Brazil in fact this week launches a special tabloid, with national and free circulation, to talk about the causes and impacts of these readjustments in the lives of workers.

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The cover, with the headline “Everything’s Expensive!”, shows how inflation is reflected on the plate. From salad to meat, including rice and fat: it is increasingly difficult to maintain a healthy diet. For low-income or unemployed families, getting enough calories for the day has become mathematically impossible.

On pages 2 and 3, the newspaper talks about the increase in the electricity rate, and highlights the dilemma that afflicts millions of families: “Eat or pay the bill?”

The reasons for the readjustments are explained, point by point, in accessible language, on pages 4 and 5.

Page 6 emphasizes Jair Bolsonaro’s (non-party) responsibility for raising the cost of living in the midst of a pandemic. O Brazil in fact prepared one box to deny recent statements by the president on the readjustments.

The tabloid takes up the concept of famine, on pages 7 and 8, and cites solidarity actions organized by the Small Farmers Movement (MPA), the Landless Rural Workers Movement (MST), the Movement of People Affected by Dams (MAB), by the Movement of Workers and Workers for Rights (MTD), by the Popular Youth Movement, by unions linked to the Single Federation of Oil Workers (FUP) and by Father Julio Lancellotti, a reference for the homeless population in São Paulo (SP).

Protests against the Bolsonaro government in the streets and on the Stock Exchange also feature prominently on the back cover. The next round of demonstrations is scheduled for November 20th.

The special edition was produced throughout the month of October, in a partnership between the Brazil in fact and the Water and Energy Platform for Workers and Peasants (POCAE).

500,000 tabloids will be distributed free of charge in the states of São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Minas Gerais, Rio Grande do Sul, Paraná, Paraíba, Bahia, Pernambuco, Ceara, Rio Grande do Norte and the Federal District.

Edition: Leandro Melito

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