Brasil de Fato launches special tabloid: “Hunger, unemployment,

Brasil de Fato launched last Friday (6) the special tabloid newspaper “Hunger, unemployment, corruption and more than 570 thousand dead”. With national circulation, the new edition of the newspaper has as its theme the poverty and unemployment that are increasing in the country, leading 30 million Brazilians to food insecurity; the privatization of Correios and Eletrobras; and the demonstrations by Fora Bolsonaro called for September 7 throughout the country.

Right on the first page, the tabloid features a report on the impacts of the privatization of Correios on the Brazilian population. “You will fall into an oligopoly of a few private companies with great market power, an extremely perverse system for the consumer, because you will have two or three companies that operate as if they were monopolists. You end up in a situation where the service is not good, but it is much more expensive than the public service”, analyzed economist Marco Antônio Rocha, in an interview with Brasil de Fato.

As with Correios, the company that won the Eletrobras auction may also suspend the supply of energy to certain territories if it understands that it is not worth it financially.

In the second part, the tabloid brings a compilation of suspicions of corruption involving the Bolsonaro government. One of them leads to the hypothesis of malfeasance on the part of President Bolsonaro in the face of allegations of fraud involving the acquisition of the Indian vaccine against covid-19 Covaxin.

On the case, Luis Ricardo Fernandes Miranda, head of the Ministry of Health’s import division, told Covid’s Parliamentary Inquiry Commission (CPI) that he found evidence of fraud in the first of three invoices relating to the purchase of doses. According to the official, the document provided for an advance payment of US$ 45 million (approximately R$ 221.67 million) to the Madison Biotech company, which belongs to the group of the Bharat Biotech laboratory, but which was not part of the contract. The company is headquartered in Singapore, a tax haven.

Federal Deputy Luis Miranda (DEM-DF), the server’s brother, said that Bolsonaro would have been alerted about the fraud scheme on March 20 this year, when the brothers personally went to the president to take documentation that would prove the scheme. . The president would have asked the then Minister of Health, General Eduardo Pazuello, to investigate the complaint. Two days later, however, Pazuello was dismissed, and the investigation was carried out by the then executive secretary of the Ministry of Health, Elcio Franco.

In the last part of the tabloid, the newspaper features a report on unemployment and hunger that plague the country. In one year, the “made dish” rose practically triple the inflation rate, according to a survey carried out by Matheus Peçanha, researcher and economist at the Brazilian Institute of Economics of the Getúlio Vargas Foundation (FGV IBRE): 22.57% in 12 months compared to 8.75% of the Consumer Price Index (IPC) in the same period.

In this account, among those that had a rise in price, are rice (37.5%), tomatoes (37.24%), beef (32.69%), whole chicken (22.73%), black beans ( 18.46%), eggs (13.5%) and lettuce (9.74%). At the same time, Brazil has 14.8 million unemployed.

Edition: Anelize Moreira

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