Bolivian government says opposition sought

Bolivia’s government minister, Eduardo del Castillo, said on Monday (18) that names linked to Jeanine Áñez had negotiated a plan with paramilitaries to kill then-president-elect Luis Arce in 2020. Chosen by the polls exactly a year ago, the The purpose of the murder would be to prevent Arce’s possession.

According to Castillo, the plan was drawn up by Colombian paramilitaries who participated in the assassination of Haitian President Jovenel Moise in July this year. Among them would be German Alejandro Rivera García, a former captain of the Colombian army, detained in Port-au-Prince after taking part in the Moise murder.

Antonio Intriago is also reported to have traveled to Bolivia — a Venezuelan opponent who owns the private security company that recruited Colombian paramilitaries for the murder plan against Arce and, later, against Moise.

According to investigations, the paramilitaries traveled from Colombia and the United States to Bolivia a few days before the presidential elections and stayed at a hotel a few meters from Murillo Square, where Arce’s inauguration ceremony was held.

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Earlier, they would have met with former officials of Jeanine Áñez’s interim government in the state of Santa Cruz de la Sierra, historically ruled by the right-wing opposition. After the failed plan, the former ministers of Government and Defense of Áñez fled the country passing through Brazil. Part of the information was publicly confirmed with audios, emails and photographs released by the Bolivian government minister.

“Here, with reliable evidence, we are demonstrating that there was a plan to kill Luis Arce,” said Minister Eduardo Del Castillo.

Supporters of the Bolivian president had already denounced, in November 2020, plans to kill Arce.

One year after the return of the MAS-IPSP to power, tensions with the protagonists of the coup d’etat continue. Last week, Luis Fernando Camacho called a “civic strike” against the Arce government, spurring violence by Civic Committees — right-wing controlled state organizations — across the country.

The justification for the strike was to reject Bill No. 1386, against the legitimization of illicit gains and the financing of terrorism. After the oppositional acts, the government withdrew the PL.

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