“Blame Lie”: Doctor Criticizes Bolsonaro’s Approach

The only head of state in the G-20 who did not get vaccinated, Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro (no party) never encouraged immunization and advertised ineffective medicines, such as chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine. Even so, he used the speech at the 76th session of the General Assembly of the United Nations (UN) to value the numbers of vaccination in Brazil.

A family doctor and member of the National Network of Popular Physicians (RNMMP), Aristotle Cardona defines the Brazilian president’s speech as a “blatant lie”.

:: Bolsonaro lies and distorts data in speech at the opening of the UN General Assembly ::

Bolsonaro said he always advocated “fighting the virus and unemployment with equal responsibility.”

For the president, “the lockdown measures left a legacy of inflation”, and people were “forced to stay at home” by mayors and governors.

“The federal government’s policy was for the virus to spread as quickly as possible, so that we could achieve what they believed would be ‘herd immunity,'” recalls Cardona.

“So, there has never been a defense against the virus in our country,” he adds.

Jair Bolsonaro valued the numbers of vaccinations in Brazil, although he never made a statement encouraging citizens to get immunized.

“I had initial treatment [contra a covid]. Our government is against mandatory vaccination,” said the president.

Aristotle Cardona says Bolsonaro cited vaccination data only among the adult population, to impress the audience.

“We need to make calculations of the population as a whole”, he warns.

“The speech becomes a lie because, whoever listens from outside, may even have the impression that there was an active policy, on the part of the government, of purchasing vaccines, immunization. And we know that none of this happened.”

About the “initial treatment”, which would have been carried out by Bolsonaro, the family doctor makes a scathing criticism:

“If it was already shameful to talk about it last year, when the first news on the subject appeared, now it’s even worse. The world already knows that these drugs, like chloroquine, are not effective against covid. Open your mouth to defend this in 2021 is unfortunate.”

With 591,000 deaths, Brazil ranks second in the world ranking of deaths by covid, after the United States, which add up to more than 673,000 deaths.

So far, 38% of the Brazilian population is fully immunized and about 67% have taken the first dose.

Edition: Vivian Virissimo

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