Belo Horizonte may gain 200 thousand m² of forest park

On Thursday (7), the Belo Horizonte City Council approved the Bill 1050/2020, authored by councilor Bella Gonçalves and former councilor Cida Falabella, which regulates the preservation of the Mata do Planalto.

The approved text recognizes the ecological, scenic, cultural and community value of the area and goes to the Executive. The mayor of Belo Horizonte can sanction or veto it, in part or in full.

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The Plateau forest

One of the only remaining green areas in the northern region of Belo Horizonte, Mata do Planalto has more than 200,000 m² and has the Atlantic Forest biome in its extension. There you can find more than 20 springs and a great diversity of trees and animals.

“After 12 years to manage to preserve the area of ​​20,000 square meters of Atlantic Forest, with animals, vegetation and more than 20 springs that flow into the Rio das Velhas is a great joy, the result of a lot of struggle”.

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The terrain is of great relevance to the community and its surroundings. “We also emphasize the value that that area has for the community. A cultural and community value that has to do with the relationship that the neighborhood and the residents of the neighborhood have historically built with the Mata do Planalto and that make this area so defended by the community”, declared Bella Gonçalves.

The area was threatened by the Construtora Direcional project, which foresaw the construction of 760 apartments, 16 buildings with 16 floors each / Photo: Margareth Ferraz

Preservation of the forest is important for the entire city

Movements point out that preserving the Mata do Planalto is fundamental for the entire city of Belo Horizonte. “Its preservation is important not only for the northern region, but for the entire city, in the midst of a water crisis and climate change,” declared Magali, president of the Planalto and Adjacencies Community Association and member of the Save a Mata do Planalto Movement, Magali Ferraz Trinity,.

The Coordinator of the Mineiro Movement for Animal Rights MMDA, Adriana Araújo, emphasizes that the Mata do Planalto is one of the largest green regions in the city. “It is the preservation of one of the last refuges for wildlife, which increasingly migrates to the urban center because its natural environment continues to be destroyed by cattle raising, mining, mining and real estate development. It is one of the largest green areas in Belo Horizonte, a remnant of the Atlantic Forest, with rich biodiversity. Fundamental in contributing for the water to fulfill its cycle, returning to the bed of the earth”, he declared.

PL 1050/2020

The Bill of Law was collectively constructed between the legislature and civil society, after studying the federal legislation and its applicability in the municipality.

“It was prepared in partnership with the Save a Mata do Planalto Movement and with the presence of public defenders, who realized that, in order to put into effect the legislation that protects the Atlantic Forest, it was important for us to build recognition of the Mata’s environmental and cultural landscape value. do Planalto”, declared the councilor and author of PL Bella Gonçalves (PSOL) to Brasil de Fato.

For Magali, “it was a great advance to approve PL 2050/2020 considering the Mata do Planalto, of great ecological, landscape, cultural and community relevance.”

6 councilors voted against the Bill

Only six councilors, all from the base of the Zema Government, voted against the bill.
They are: Bráulio Lara (NEW), Fernanda Pereira Altoé (NEW), Flávia Borja (AVANTE), Marcela Trópia (NEW), Irlan Mello (PSD) and Ciro Pereira (PTB).

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Next steps

Now the project awaits the executive’s approval. “We are awaiting the sanction of the city hall and also the exchange of the area so that this declaration of value is converted into the transformation of the area, which is now private, into a public area so that we can have a park there, an area of community usufruct”, declared Bella Gonçalves.

Adriana emphasizes that it is necessary to remain mobilized until sanctioned. “We cannot be naive and rest without fighting until the sanction of PL 1050/2020. We need to continue the mobilization on social networks and on the streets, so that the population in general keeps hand in hand with the socio-environmental movement until the sanction, showing that the Mata do Planalto is a collective heritage to be maintained”, declared the activist.

Source: BoF Minas Gerais

Edition: Elis Almeida

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