Before receiving Bolsonaro in Aparecida, Archbishop asks for country

At 9 am Mass, this Tuesday (12), the day of Our Lady, at the Shrine of Aparecida, in the interior of São Paulo, Dom Orlando Brandes criticized President Jair Bolsonaro (no party) during the sermon.

“To be a beloved homeland, be a homeland without hate. To be a beloved homeland, a republic without lies and without fake news. Beloved homeland without corruption. And homeland loved with brotherhood. All brothers building the big Brazilian family”, asked Brandes, who is Archbishop of Aparecida.

In another excerpt of his sermon, the religious leader criticized the speech against the vaccine and lamented the 600,000 deaths in the country due to the coronavirus pandemic. “Mother Aparecida, thank you very much because in the pandemic you were a comforter, adviser, teacher, companion and guide of the Brazilian people who today thank you heartily because yes, science yes and Nossa Senhora Aparecida together saving the Brazilian people.”

At the sanctuary, two ministers from Bolsonaro attended the mass: Marcos Pontes, from Science and Technology, and João Roma, from Citizenship. The president should go, even today, to the sanctuary of Aparecida, where he will visit the image of the saint and attend a mass.


In 2020, due to the coronavirus pandemic, the mass and other events that honor Our Lady had a reduced audience. This year, the faithful must comply with sanitary protocols to enter the spaces, such as using a mask, distancing themselves and carrying alcohol in gel.

Edition: Vivian Virissimo

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