Basic basket increases and price of French bread shoots up

Regina Cavalcanti is a handful of sweets, resident of Bairro Alto, in Curitiba (PR), and for almost two years she has been selling her handcrafted production to friends and neighbors. The cook is also the mother of one daughter and shares the household bills with her husband. Between working at home and investing in the candy store, Regina tries to beat her monthly budget, but now she has to deal with a common enemy for most Brazilians: inflation.

”Prices have gone up too much, the price of wheat, sugar… There’s no mention of bread”, he reports. And it is precisely this essential food, such as rice and beans, that has been suffering one of the biggest price increases, according to September data from the National Basic Food Basket Survey (PNCBA), by the Inter-union Department of Socioeconomic Studies (Dieese ). The increase was felt in fourteen capitals, with the variation reaching almost 3% in Brasília.

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Regina also reports that despite the values ​​being high, in the pandemic, it has been increasingly difficult to go out with a full supermarket cart to shop at home and do business. ”We used to go to the market and buy a month with 400 reais, today with less than 700 reais we can’t get out of there. A 1 kilo bag of bread would cost 3, 4 reais, now to find it for 6 reais it has to be a super promotion, it’s absurd”.

In some supermarkets in Curitiba, the price can reach more than 12 reais per kilo. In addition to the increase in input costs, such as electricity, imported wheat became more expensive with the rise of the dollar. Even with Paraná being the largest producer of the cereal in the country, half of what is used for food is imported. Currently, with the dollar trading at more than 5.40 reais, the price of a sack of wheat, taking into account the values ​​of the Chicago stock exchange, reaches more than 7 dollars, which makes it cost close to 40 in Brazil. real.

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Mohamad Majzoub, owner of a bakery factory in the Metropolitan Region of Curitiba, says that, in his case, production costs made the value of a kilo of French bread go from 3 reais to more than 8. ”Bread is Brazilian indicator, is an extremely produced product every day. If you take last year, my production cost was 3.75 reais per kilo, today it costs 8 reais. The costs of flour and fat have increased, as well as other inputs that are imported and have increased a lot with the high dollar.”

In addition to food ingredients, Majzoub reports that gas and electricity prices also impacted prices. ”We have to deal today with a very high value in gas and electricity. In addition, every businessman who values ​​his employee had to give a raise, because an employee who earned 1,200 reais last year had a lot of inflation from one year to another”, he reflects.

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Basic basket

According to Dieese’s research, the value of the basic food basket increased in 11 cities, with the biggest increases registered in Brasília (3.88%), Campo Grande (3.53%), São Paulo (3.53%) and Belo Horizonte (3.49%). Curitiba, for example, is up 13% in 2021, with the basket at 610.85 reais. In one year, the value is 16% higher compared to 2020.

Source: BoF Paraná

Edition: Frédi Vasconcelos

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