At least nine bank accounts finance pocketbook acts,

The demonstrations in support of President Jair Bolsonaro (no party) and with anti-democratic agendas, scheduled for September 7, have been financed with money deposited in at least nine bank accounts, some of them with the possibility of receiving sums in foreign currency.

According to a report published by the UOL portal this Sunday (5), the accounts are maintained by pocket groups. Although the organizers of the events have been trying to give democratic veneer to the protests, the demands revolve around unconstitutional proposals, such as military intervention and the removal of ministers from the Supreme Court (STF).

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The text, signed by journalist Eduardo Militão, exposes initiatives that can be supplied using a Pix key, bitcoins and Paypal, the latter facilitating payments originating outside Brazil. The information was obtained from research on social networks.

Less than a week ago, the portal published details about cryptocurrency financing campaigns, disclosed by Leonardo Rodrigues de Jesus, Bolsonaro’s nephew and also known as Leo Índio. Now, among activists of the On the Streets movement, the use of PayPal, one of the largest online payment platforms in the world, which simplifies international operations, has been identified.

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Suspecting that the money would finance violent acts in attack to democracy and the constitution, the STF has already ordered the blocking of an account linked to the Sete de Setembro Movement and to truck driver Marcos Antônio Pereira Gomes, nicknamed Zé Trovão. About R$50,000 were confiscated.

The representatives of the groups that organize the acts deny the practice or defense of illegal acts, but the Supreme Court’s decision was based on statements made by the militants themselves about the demonstration. An example was the affirmations of the songs Sérgio Reis, linked to the movement. When referring to the STF, he said the protesters would “invade, break everything and take the guys out.”

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After the court blockade, new Pix keys were released on social networks to raise money. They are in the name of Luís Antônio Mozzin, the sertanejo artist’s manager.

Also according to the UOL report, the amounts raised will be used to structure the demonstrations. The list includes items such as hiring buses, chemical toilets, installing a communal kitchen and even renting helicopters. The organization of the demonstrations says that a camp will be set up in Brasília and will remain in the capital after 7 September.

Edition: Vinícius Segalla

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