As opposed to the Pocketnarist act, non-aligned evangelicals

On the eve of the September 7 holiday, an evangelical service takes place in Rio de Janeiro with the aim of demonstrating against oppression, hunger and death in the country. The event called “Cry to the Lord for Justice” is organized by Our Church in Brazil, with the support of the Evangelicals Front for the Rule of Law.

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The cult opposes the mobilization of evangelical and neo-Pentecostal pastors and leaders to convince the faithful to participate in demonstrations in support of President Jair Bolsonaro (no party), scheduled for Tuesday (7). In the calls, which have circulated on social networks, leaders mix fake news with coup-like phrases attacking democracy and calling for “a new independence”.

“People who are fighting for democracy cannot understand religious leaders who are calling out against democracy. Only democracy guarantees the freedom of worship and expression of our religiosity. It’s funny that we are shocked by the images of Afghanistan and didn’t understand that these pastors are establishing themselves based on what they believe based on a very particular interpretation of the sacred text, just as the Taliban do”, says Nilza Valéria Zacarias, one of the coordinators of the Evangelicals Front for the Rule of Law.

The location was chosen to ensure that the event takes place outdoors and with distance between participants / Disclosure

The meeting is scheduled for Sunday (5), starting at 10 am, at Rua Mata Machado, between the Maracanã Stadium and the Maracanã Village, in the northern part of the capital. The location was chosen to ensure that the event takes place outdoors and with distance between participants, complying with safety protocols against covid-19.

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For Pastor Marco Davi, from the Baptist church Nossa Igreja Brasileira, the need to gather the faithful for worship is due to the critical situation in which the country finds itself. According to the pastor, it is time to take a risk in a public service, just as it became a risk to live in Brazil.

“The evil that we live beyond covid-19 is great. Hunger threatens more than 20 million Brazilians daily. It’s not just the disease that kills. Boys and girls, black and poor, were killed while playing in their homes. Meanwhile, the country’s rulers are fomenting a war against democracy, against rights, against justice – which should flow like a perennial river, as Amos taught us”, he argues.

The pastor responsible for the service’s message will be Ariovaldo Ramos, leader of the Presbyterian Community Renewed Christian. The music will be done by Dilma Oliveira.

“We are not few, we do not have the mass they have, but we are not non-existent within this church, we have our attitudes and principled pastors. We will give our cry of lament, denouncing that these leaders are not representatives of the Christ that we believe and asking God to have mercy on us. May this mercy be the strength we need to keep fighting, it’s practical, it’s action, we know we need a lot of action”, concludes Nilza Valéria.

Source: BoF Rio de Janeiro

Edition: Eduardo Miranda

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