Artists deliver drawings to Luis Fernando Verissimo in

Journalist and writer Luis Fernando Verissimo, who is convalescing at home, received a special gift from the creator of the exhibition Authorships, Graça Craidy: a folder with the works of the activity “Desenhando Verissimo”, in redress for the fact that the canvas with the portrait of the writer was vandalized during the outdoor exhibition at the Escadaria gallery, on the Otávio Rocha Viaduct, Historic Center of Porto Alegre (RS).

The delivery of the folder, on behalf of the 18 visual artists of the exhibition and also of the participants who joined the redress, which took place four days before the end of the exhibition, was made to Verissimo’s wife, Lúcia, and son, Pedro, on Sunday afternoon. (7). They thanked and praised the artists’ initiative to repudiate the attack on art.

Artists responded aggression with art / Disclosure Carlos Souza

The folder contains 25 drawings (and some brief texts) made for Verissimo. In one of them, the writer is portrayed as a saxophonist, one of his great passions outside journalism and literature. “The folder was given to dear Verissimo as proof of our affection and admiration,” said Graça Craidy.

The original canvas, probably attacked with a stylus, was replaced by an adhesive photo of the painting that was damaged twice more with the use of chemical substances. There was a record of occurrences at the Civil Police, but the identity of the criminal is still unknown.

The painting by artist Gustavo Burkhart has been restored and will be part of future re-assembly of the exhibition. The other 25 portraits of writers from the state of Rio Grande do Sul were not attacked.

Source: BdF Rio Grande do Sul

Edition: Marcelo Ferreira

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