Article | Olympic medals, feminine noun in Brazil

Three of the four Brazilian gold medals won at the Tokyo Olympics have female names: Ana Marcela (water marathon), Rebeca Andrade (gymnastics), Martine Grael and Kahena Kunze (sailing). Against a male, Italo Ferreira (surfing). In silver, the dispute was 2-1 for women at the close of edition 223 of the Brazil de Facto Paraná, with Rebeca and the fairy Rayssa Leal (on skateboard) against Kelvin Hoefler (skateboard). This Thursday (5), Pedro Barros took silver at the skate park and tied the “dispute”.

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The men have the advantage, five days before the end of the Olympic Games, in bronze. Mayra Aguiar (judo) and Luisa Stefani and Laura Pigossi (tennis duo) totaled two medals against six of Daniel Cargnin (judo), Fernando Scheffer and Bruno Fratus (swimming), Abner Teixeira (boxing), Alison dos Santos and Thiago Braz ( athletics). Brazil already has two more medals guaranteed in boxing, from Beatriz Ferreira and Hebert Conceição, who won semifinals this Thursday (5) and can now win gold or silver.

fast evolution

If Brazil evolves slowly in Olympic sports, the rise of women is faster. The first women’s medals only came in Atlanta, in 1996, with gold and silver in beach volleyball (Jacqueline and Sandra, Adriana Samuel and Mônica), silver in basketball and bronze in indoor volleyball.

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The negative highlight this year in Tokyo is that beach volleyball no longer has a chance. The female and male pairs were eliminated. On the court, the situation is better. The women’s team passed by the Russians and will face the South Koreans, in the semifinals. The male was defeated by the Russians, in a very tough stop. In football, the men’s team is guaranteed silver, but is still trying to get the Olympic bi-Olympic on Saturday (7), against strong Spain.

Source: BoF Paraná

Edition: Lia Bianchini

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