Article | Not good faith, impeachment!

After September 7th and the resounding failure of the coup demonstrations called by the President of the Republic, the focus in Brazil seems to be, little by little, turning the page on the seriousness of the facts as if irrelevant episodes or even almost nothing had happened.

Apart from the strong speech of the President of the Federal Supreme Court and the somewhat prudent call of the president of the Senate, the attorney general of the Republic only stuck to defending, in theory, democracy and civic demonstrations, as the leader of the The Chamber was bold enough to comment that no one is obliged to comply with decisions against the Constitution – insinuating an alleged right of the President of the Republic to disregard the judicial decisions of Alexandre de Moraes.

Since then, the tone has dropped.

Claiming to have vociferated insults under the heat of the moment, it is said that Bolsonaro has already sought a dialogue with Alexandre de Moraes. The media, on the other hand, informs that Gilmar Mendes commented that it is necessary to believe in the good faith of the Planalto chief. Of course not.

Moraes and Mendes have their institutional responsibilities and it is understandable that they seek to cool down the crisis between the Powers. But believing in Jair Bolsonaro’s good faith is not a matter of generosity or proof of high behavior.

Bolsonaro is a Scoundrel with a capital C and that’s how he needs to be treated. A president who, if incompetence to govern were not enough, lives by trying to deceive the collective conscience. It turns the law into a joke, the Constitution into a pamphlet without any legal value.

There is no way to believe in the good faith of those who have already demonstrated that they do not have faith in love, science and people. Who does not even have empathy in the face of a calamity that kills by the hundreds, until recently, by the thousands, every day. Bolsonaro is pure hate. It’s violence in the form of a person. It is the least human being that exists. It’s vile, despicable.

Brazilians and Brazilians cannot waste any more time. It is time to eradicate this evil definitively from national politics.

Good faith nothing, impeachment.

* Marcelo Uchôa is a lawyer, professor of law at the University of Fortaleza (UNIFOR) and member of the Brazilian Association of Jurists for Democracy (ABJD).

Edition: Daniel Giovanaz

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